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Win a Free Trip to Hawaii from Solomate Travel!


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I’ve said it time and time again:

If you’re curious about solo travel but intimidated about traveling by yourself, join a group trip!

Group trips are a great, easy way to travel solo for the first time.  Just like I wrote after my retreat in Mexico, group trips are perfect because you don’t have to worry about logistics, you get to spend time doing something you enjoy, and you meet a ton of friends.

As adventure travel becomes more mainstream, lots of cool travel companies are popping up.  I just discovered a new one: SoloMate Travel.

And they are giving away a free trip to Hawaii!  But first:

SoloMate Travel was founded by two solo female travelers, Patty and Andrea, who met in the Galapagos Islands and decided to go into business, building incredible trips and convincing people to try solo travel.  SoloMate Travel contacted me about advertising on this site, and at first I was skeptical, as I turn down 99% of requests for sponsored content.

But as I read more of their site, the more I realized it — these women get it.

Patty and Andrea talk about how traveling solo brings out the adrenaline, how amazing it feels to travel however you’d like, and how traveling is more fulfilling than acquiring possessions.  I could not agree with these ladies more.

What sets this company apart, besides their philosophy?  Their commitment to quality.  There is so much attention to detail on each trip, down to each excursion.  They offer a roommate-matching service so that compatible travelers are roomed together (like early birds or nightlife lovers).  They even offer custom packing lists for each trip!

Here are a few of their upcoming trips:

  • In November: Argentina.  November is a perfect time to visit the great city of Buenos Aires, and the trip also visits the Tigre Delta and the incomparable Iguazu Falls.
  • In December: Costa Rica.  This December, I would love to escape the cold to hike volcanoes, zip-line through cloud forests and swim in hot springs.
  • In February: Gorilla trekking in Uganda!  My travel blogger friends who have done this say that it is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience in Africa.

And they’re giving away a free trip to Hawaii in January!

The Hawaii trip takes place on the Big Island from January 14-21, 2012.  Here is all the information about the trip.  You’ll go whale watching, take a catamaran ride, have a Luau, go off-roading through waterfalls, and much more.

How to Enter:

  • Become a fan of SoloMate on Facebook
  • On SoloMate’s Facebook wall, describe why you need a vacation in five sentences or less.
  • Invite 100 friends to become a fan of SoloMate Travel
  • You must be at least 18 years old, you may only enter once, and you must remain a Facebook fan of SoloMate Travel through the start of the trip.

That’s it!

I want one of my readers to win this contest  — so go enter!

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So if you’re still not sure whether you’re cut out for solo travel, I invite you to read the email I received from a longtime reader the other day:

I always read your blogs and the other day, I was reading it in front of my mom and I said out loud I wish I could be a solo traveler like you and she looked at me and said why can’t I? I had no response and she said that I can do whatever I want to do.

So I took her advice and I am planning my first trip to Spain. I am so excited and nervous because I have never traveled by myself but I know that once I get there I will meet a lot of people. You should be so proud of yourself because I’m sure I am not the only you have inspired!

I am so proud of HER!

Seriously, readers — think about traveling solo.  This is a great way to get started.

This post was sponsored by SoloMate Travel.  As you know, I rarely run sponsored content on this site, so I only choose products about which you’ll enjoy reading.  And I bet you’ll enjoy a free trip!

Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help reduce the ever-increasing costs of keeping this site active. Thanks for reading!


5 Responses to “Win a Free Trip to Hawaii from Solomate Travel!”
  1. Charu says:

    What a great opportunity. Thanks for letting us know, Kate!

  2. Kirk says:

    Thanks for the post Kate! These women really do sound like they get it and man a free trip to Hawaii is such a great giveaway. I’m still trying to catch up on all of your posts.

  3. Anja says:

    I love this site! Ladies, don’t be afraid to travel solo! I travelled through Europe on my own in 2005 and it was the most amazing trip! I could see what I wanted, when and met the most fantastic people along the way.

  4. Greg Betza says:

    I love the idea of a FREE trip offer to Hawaii. I have been married for 37 years and a free trip to Hawaii would be the ultimate gift in my life. The Hawaiian’s know how to enjoy their life on this great earth and I would love to share it with them, I know that this island was created for everyone to enjoy. I would like to be a part of paradise!


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