Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Wine Riot 2010: Boston Wine Tasting


Every year, The Second Glass puts on a wine tasting event called Wine Riot.  Wine Riot is geared toward young, hip Bostonians who want to learn more about wine — but in a fun atmosphere!  Most of the wines featured are very affordable as well.

I love wine, but I don’t know as much about as I wish I did.  This was a perfect way to learn more.

This was my first time at the Wine Riot.  My sister, Sarah, has been a few times and works as a volunteer each year, so she showed me the best of the room.

There were dozens of vendors from around the world, each with several different wines for us to taste.  We even sampled some delicious wines from Massachusetts!  Who knew that the New Bedford area was such a hot wine region?

There were “crash courses” throughout the night as well — Sars and I went to a course on “Roadkill” wines.  They smelled strange but were absolutely delicious — particularly the South African Kanonkop Kadette, easily one of my favorites of the night.

I was also happy to meet April and Rachel of travel site ZipSetGo — they made the trip to Boston just for this event!

Food was served, with delicious fare available from four of my favorite Boston restaurants: Masa, Tremont 647, Redbones and Legal Sea Foods.  (Obviously, Sars and I devoured the oysters from Legal’s.)

Most of all, we ate a TON of horseradish cheese from Cabot:

There was also a photobooth.  With props.

Yep, Sars and I posed!

I can’t wait for the next Wine Riot!  It was a really fun event, and a great way to find some new wines that I love.  I’ve got half a dozen new spicy reds that I’ll be adding to my repertoire soon!


5 Responses to “Wine Riot 2010: Boston Wine Tasting”
  1. That’s good to know. I just moved into Boston, and I’m looking to get into the wine drinking scene. I’m glad to know that wine is so popular among the younger crowd.

    Do you know if there are any similar wine events occurring soon? I’d like to meet the crowd and maybe get in a few wine reviews.

  2. What a great way to enjoy wines by having a Wine riot. I heard of a gang riot but this is my first time hearing a Wine riot. Wish I could join the next riot!


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