Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

World Travel Market 2011: Let’s Work Together!


This week, I’ll be appearing at World Travel Market in London, one of the biggest travel industry events of the year.  It’s also the most important year it’s ever been for travel bloggers like myself.  I’ve booked my accommodation in London, I’ve picked out my four “fancy” outfits, and I’m ready to hit the ground running.

As a travel blogger, my job is to bring you business.  And that’s what I do.

In 2011 I worked with tourism boards and travel providers from Singapore to Austria, from San Antonio, Texas, to Emilia-Romagna, Italy, from modern urban Scotland to the mountain villages of Liechtenstein, from the luxury of inland Bali to the eco-resorts of Sayulita, Mexico.  And, a few days from now, Jordan.

And those are just my partnerships with tourism organizations.

Where will next year bring me?  It could be your destination.

I am currently planning travel for 2012.  I have few concrete plans so far, so I have opportunities to travel anywhere in the world almost anytime of the year.

The question is, what can I do for you?

As you’ll see in my media kit — please email me for a copy — working with Adventurous Kate translates into more business for your destination.

Top tier travel bloggers tour their quality content and wide networks.  In addition to these, I have a list of testimonials from readers who have followed in my footsteps, whether it’s visiting the same locales, using the same vendors, even ordering the same things at restaurants — all because they read about them on this site.

Perhaps next year, you’ll be on that same list!

This week, I’ll be making appearances at the Tweetup, the TTG Doubletree Tweetup, the Visit Florida Tweetup, the Working with Travel Bloggers seminar and reception, and several of the Social Travel Media 2011 events.  In between, I will be dropping by my fellow bloggers’ Hyde Park apartments and meeting privately with a number of tourism boards.

Would you like to set up a meeting?  Email me and we’ll arrange it.

The possibilities are endless, and I look forward to working with you.

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