It’s Time To Welcome Spring

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As the Vernal Equinox passes, it’s been anything but typical for me — I left the gray winter of Northern England to find perfect spring temperatures in Lisbon in mid-February, followed by positively summer-like temperatures in southern Portugal and Andalusia.  And now it’s genuinely feeling like spring in the UK, as opposed to the darkness and rain of….Barcelona!

Meanwhile, at home in Massachusetts, my family and friends are enjoying 83-degree temperatures (28 C).  (Watch.  They’ll get one more snowstorm before the season’s over.)

When I think of spring arriving, I think of happiness, beautiful wildflowers, and fun times with my friends.  So to go with this week’s #Frifotos theme of spring, here are my favorite springtime photos from around the world!

Springtime’s arrival in the UK may cause you to jump for joy — like my friend Chris here in Regent’s Park, London.

The aftermath of a spring storm in Boston‘s Public Garden was absolutely gorgeous.

Of all the places I went in Asia, the only place that felt like spring was Hoi An, Vietnam, in February.  Perfect weather for rowing down the river!

Southern New Mexico was a fabulous place to experience spring — it’s so nice and warm.  This field is alternately filled with onions and chiles.

I love window boxes full of flowers — especially ones as perfect as this one in Liechtenstein.

I had a reversed springtime in November when I headed to Buenos Aires.  This was a perfect time to explore the parks, including the Japanese Gardens.

You can’t beat springtime in English gardens, and I loved these purple tulips at Eaton Hall in Cheshire!

Don’t eat the flowers.

And finally, nothing says springtime in England like a nice, big pitcher of Pimm’s!

#FriFotos is open to all.  To see more photos from everyone else, follow #FriFotos on Twitter.

Which photo is your favorite?

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7 thoughts on “It’s Time To Welcome Spring”

  1. Nice pictures! My favorite is the one of springtime in southern New Mexico, since I am thoroughly enjoying it right now. I hope you had the chance to taste some of the local dishes made with those chiles and onions while you were here!

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