Lady Clipping Toenails on the Subway

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I’ve seen a lot of strange things on various subways around the world.

My favorite subway incident happened on the Metro in Paris in 2004.  This guy had an old-school boom box held over his shoulder, was holding a  microphone in the other, and was rapping to 50 Cent’s “In da Club”!  And yes, he collected donations.

Anyway, that was the good of subway adventures.

This morning, on the MBTA in Boston, I saw something disgusting.

I got on the train — and this was going on:


Can you believe it?!

Perhaps even more unbelievably, nobody said anything to her.  We just exchanged incredulous glances as the lady finished clipping her toenails and dusting off the subway seats around her.

By the time this lady and I got off the train, this image had already gone viral, thanks to Universal Hub and BostonTweet.  I had the urge to tell her that, but resisted.

Now, is this the worst thing you’ve ever seen on the subway?

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11 thoughts on “Lady Clipping Toenails on the Subway”

  1. I hate that I wasn’t surprised. In countries like China, you see the worst of people on public transpo- nail clipping, booger diving, ear waxing, hawking loogies on the floor, sneezing on other people… expats over there get used to it to the point where an incident like this barely merits a tweet; but obviously living in the States, we find it disgusting and rude. Unfortunate clash of cultures for this woman.
    .-= Edna´s last blog ..Rub Down =-.

    1. I believe it. I’ve heard the spitting in China is one of the toughest things to get used to.

      Boston has a huge Chinese population, so that makes a lot of sense.

  2. The worst I have seen was a gentleman, who looked to be homeless, urinate on his seat he was sitting on… then up and move to another when he was done!!

    I haven’t seen clipping toenails but what gets me just as bad is biting their fingernails and spitting them out… bleh

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