Live from San Antonio — THE RACE IS ON!!

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Image: SAVCB/Nancy H. Belcher

I have just arrived in San Antonio, Texas, with my mom and sister, and we are PUMPED for the Race to the Alamo to start tomorrow!

I’ve written about the race before, which is sponsored by the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, will feature challenges all over San Antonio’s best destinations!

Here’s what I can promise you: whenever Sarah and I get together, no matter what the setting is, we make it our mission to entertain the bejesus out of everyone around us.

So this race is going to be our greatest comedic challenge yet.

We will spend the next three days updating on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, so be sure to check in.

Tomorrow, the race begins with events at Six Flags and SeaWorld.  And while I have no idea what I’ll be doing, I’m sure there will be a video of me screaming bloody murder on some kind of thrill ride.  Or maybe I’ll be facing my fear of fish by jumping into a tank!

Just know two things:


There will be several different events for the next three days, and for every event we win or do well in, we win prizes for Adventurous Kate readers!

And secondly:


In order to win, we need YOUR VOTES.  The actual race only accounts for 60% of our total score; the remaining 40% is determined by voting.  And we’ve got our work cut out for us!

Click here to vote for us on the race web site.

You get to vote once per day.  And yes, there’s a reward for voting often — each day you vote is a new entry to win a trip to San Antonio, complete with fancy hotel, a nice meal, $500 for travel expenses, and more!

As usual — I have the best readers in the world, so one of my readers better win this trip!  That is all.

I’m writing this from our lovely balcony at the Omni La Mansion del Rio, looking over the Riverwalk and seeing boats go by.  It’s 103 degrees here (39 C) which is shocking, even after that recent Boston heat wave, but I know that Sars and I will thrive in the heat.

Stay tuned for updates as the race begins tomorrow!