Rama Guesthouse: Chiang Mai Guesthouse Review

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Looking for a guesthouse in Chiang Mai?  You won’t have to look far.  They’re everywhere and at every price range, with private rooms with bathrooms for as little as 150 baht a night ($5 USD).

Of course, if you want cheap, you’ll get cheap: hard beds, loud music all night, wafer-thin walls.  So after two nights in a cheapie, I opted for someplace a bit nicer but still reasonably priced.

I found Rama Guesthouse, right on Thanon Ravithi, close to Tha Pae Gate.

Rama Guesthouse, costing 300 baht ($10 USD) per night in the low season and 400 baht ($13 USD) per night in the high season, was the priciest place where I had stayed so far, and it was absolutely worth the extra splurge.

It’s in a convenient location, near the bars on Thanon Ravithi and the old Western men/young Thai women neighborhood, if you’re into that kind of thing.  It’s also about a ten-minute walk from Chiang Mai Gate, where you’ll find great street food every night.

I loved the cool decor, and the shower was actually separate from the toilet (a bit of a rarity in Thai guesthouses).

But what I loved the most was the garden lounge area:

I work from the road, and having a few hours to write each day is ideal.  And this zen garden was PERFECT.  Excellent WiFi (which also reached the rooms — another good thing!) and an open area where you could feel a breeze and listen to the water falling — it was fantastic.

Rama Guesthouse is owned by a French expat and his Thai wife.  Both of them are very nice (and she will CHIDE you for not staying out late — my kind of girl!).  Additionally, while lots of Chiang Mai guesthouses pressure you to sign up for tours and activities, I felt no pressure here.

Would I stay here again?  Honestly, I loved the Nimmanhaeman neighborhood and would like to try staying there sometime.  But when I stay in the old city, Rama Guesthouse is the place for me.

I received a discounted stay at Rama Guesthouse in exchange for a review on AdventurousKate.com.

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18 thoughts on “Rama Guesthouse: Chiang Mai Guesthouse Review”

  1. That garden looks really nice, we stayed in something with a similar garden and paid the same but for a lot less in the room, no power sockets and no flushing toilet. We were very happy to move into our apartment here!

  2. I love staying in guesthouses, they seem so much more personal than hotels (this from a hotel worker). The beds look comfy, and that garden view seems pretty sweet. This is really tempting me to head over to Thailand.

  3. If I was on an “on the road trip” I would probably backpack but at least once a week I would spoil myself with something like that… a good sleep and a good shower a week at least 🙂

  4. I stayed here recently based on this review and I have to say to others considering this hotel, just don’t. They’ve raised the prices and it’s now 500 baht per night for a double fan room with ensuite bathroom. The garden is indeed nice and the wifi good and the owners don’t hassle you. But it’s easy to find similar or better accommodation for at least 100 baht less (CM Bluehouse has pretty much exactly the same offerings for 400 baht/night). Plus the owner spouted off some racist Chinese nonsense at us, which was fairly uncomfortable. Go elsewhere.

    1. Hi, Bronwyn — these were the prices more than three years ago, and I’d be shocked if they hadn’t gone up at all during that time. I’m not sure what you mean by “racist Chinese nonsense,” considering that the owners are a French-Thai couple, not Chinese.

  5. The recent reviews on tripadvisor paying a different picture. Most people report that the owners were rude and even telling at them. They also say there are lots of bugs and moldy smells. The owners have replied to several of these posts with long scathing rants that boil down to “(whatever was wrong) is your fault.”

    This happens sometimes…. a place gets a good review or mentioned in Lonely Planet and then quality takes a nosedive.

    1. Well, you know, my review was written four years ago. Anything can happen in four years. Sorry to hear things aren’t going as well there; I really liked the place when I stayed there.

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