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I was delighted when Nathan and Sofia of As We Travel invited me to review their first ebook, The Pre-Travel Guide.  As We Travel is a favorite blog of mine — between the quality of their writing and the breadth of their knowledge, I knew they’d put together a great ebook!

Nathan and Sofia began a RTW trip that took them across Oceania, Southeast Asia and Europe for eight months on only $6,000 each (!!).  During that time, they gained quite a bit of travel wisdom, and have plenty to share both on their blog and in this ebook.

The Pre-Travel Guide has advice on saving money and trip planning, travel gear and packing, transport, accommodation, money advice, common scams and pitfalls, health, and more.  It has a lot of information that first-time travelers will find valuable.

The guide is particularly strong on travel gear and packing, especially on how to choose the right backpack.  The guide outlines all the features of a good backpack and explains why each feature is important. I should also point out that their blog was one of the reasons why I ended up choosing a 40l backpack, which many people consider to be too small.

If you’ve read a lot of guidebooks, you’ll find that most of the information in the Pre-Travel Guide isn’t new, and much of it isn’t very specific.  I’d have liked to see more detailed information in pricing, more regional information, and ideas on how to survive on a small budget.

However, the ebook covers a few unique areas: for example, how to stay fit on the road, and tips for surviving a long-term trip as a couple.

At a mere $9.95, it’s terrific value.  Pick up a copy here!

I received a complimentary copy of The Pre-Travel Guide from As We Travel.

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