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This week, the #FriFotos theme is pool.  It immediately made me think of the wonderful hotels around the world that really put the effort into building cool pools.  And then there are the CLUBS that put the effort into building cool pools…

Here are some of my favorite pools around the world:

At the Kempinski Ishtar on the Dead Sea in Jordan — my favorite hotel in Jordan — you could swim in this infinity pool at night (it was just one of their many pools) and look across the Dead Sea to the lights of Bethlehem.

At the Alam Sari in Keliki, Bali, near Ubud, I loved spending time at this pool.  It was rainy season, which meant it was even more quiet and peaceful than usual — but there was still enough sunshine in the mornings to lay out for a few hours.

And now the other side of Bali: a chic pool club in Kuta, where I attended my first white party.  Nobody dared to jump in the pool while wearing all white, though!

The Alhambra in Granada, Spain, has its share of centuries-old pools — most famously, this one in the Nasrid Palaces.

And, of course, the oft-used “this is the life” shot of me in the infinity pool with my iPhone at the P. P. Princess in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

But nobody does pools quite like fabulous Las Vegas!  If you’ve never been to a daytime pool club before, you need to go to Vegas — it’s amazing.

Tao Beach — the actual pool in the background is tiny, but it doesn’t matter.  By mid-afternoon, everyone was dancing, partying, doing tequila shots, and throwing each other around in the pool.

What I love most about Vegas is that everyone’s always in a great mood, and you definitely see that at Tao Beach.

XS Nightclub is where to go at night.  Certain nights are pool parties where everyone can dive in; other nights, jumping in the pool is discouraged or off-limits altogether.  (Not that many people in Vegas follow rules.)  This is definitely one of the sexiest pools out there.

And when you just want to watch the pool action, there’s always the cheesetastic pirate show at TI.  So bad it’s good?  Nope — so bad it’s past good and back to bad again.

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Have a favorite pool around the world?  Share in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “Sexy Pools Around the World”

  1. Have you been to Encore Beach? I love Tao too, but I feel like you’d LOVE Encore Beach these days. A little bigger, and SO MUCH FUN! I like the pools better than the night clubs at this point.

  2. Ahh the XS Pool… how the girls loved soaking their feet in there! Someone even brought a beach ball along and a few people decided to jump in even though it was off-limits.

  3. This is the best blog post title I’ve read in a while hahaha! Also, omg at that pool in Ko Phi Phi…seriously. The Marina Sands Resort in Singapore is somewhere I’d love to go – rooftop pool on top of luxury hotel = bliss / slight vertigo.

  4. The other pool club at the Encore in Vegas is pretty awesome as well. During the Day is the Encore Beach Club, at night its called Surrender. Sweet pool side villas. Well, the looked cool from where I was sitting…on the edge of a palm tree planter next to a pool side villa. 🙂

  5. great post…….you took me away from this rainy day in london for a brief moment and for that momentary escape from reality, i pay homage to your blog with this comment dripping in day dreams…

    vamos a la playa!!! ole!


    I used to live in Vegas before the boat filled with girls. I was thinking that they might go topless but being on the strip I guess it would stop traffic.

  7. Kind of late to the comment stream here, but a couple to definitely add to the mix. The rooftop pool (and pool bar) at the Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas is definitely worth a visit. Its on a 10th floor rooftop, and the pool is actually cantilevered about 10 feet out over the sidewalk & street below, with thick but clear plexiglass walls and floor on the cantilevered portion. The atmosphere is very chic – since its our hometown we’ve only been here in the evening for drinks and the atmosphere, as its open to the public then.

    The other pool definitely worth a visit is the pool at the Delano in Miami Beach. Also with an attached pool bar, and attracts a very eclectic and well-dressed clientele in the evenings, when you can go in and have a drink poolside. We were there on vacation a year ago after a nice dinner nearby, and were having such fun that I actually ended up on a whim deciding to go for a swim – just because I was wearing a cocktail dress & heels is no reason not to, right? My husband and I played in the water for half an hour or so, and since we weren’t being loud or obnoxious, no one said a word about us enjoying the pool fully dressed!

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