Saturday, May 27th, 2017


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What’s the most memorable thing you’ve ever been told?

For one year, Kate McCulley and Mario Cacciottolo will be traveling the world and asking people that question.

In 2006, after being moved by a compliment he received from a friend, Mario thought up the Someone Once Told Me website in exactly seven minutes.  Every single day since September 8, 2007, he has shown a new black and white picture of someone holding a quote that someone once told them.

The quotes and stories are funny and sad, profound and inconsequential.  The human experience is

Until now, the pictures have primarily been taken in London.  Now, Someone Once Told Me is going global.

The Someone Once Told Me Tour (SOTM Tour) is a cobranded project between Someone Once Told Me and Adventurous Kate.  The tour will focus on telling stories of people around the world, while showcasing the regions visited from a budget adventure travel perspective.

The tour has been featured in the London Evening Standard, and a literary agent is

Upcoming Schedule

September 15-23: Northern Territory, Australia

September 23-28: Sydney, Australia

September 28-October 5: Melbourne, Australia

October 5-14: Bangkok, Thailand

October 14-28: Bologna, Italy

October 29-November 2: Bangkok, Thailand

November 2-24: Cambodia

November 24-December 8: Thailand

December 9-early January: Cambodia

Early January-early April: Southeast Asia

Early April-mid May: USA, finishing in Boston


Sponsors of the SOTM World Tour, you reach a combined audience of 70,000 monthly visitors.  For more information and numbers, please see our media kit.

When you sponsor the SOTM World Tour, you receive quality content targeted to your company’s goals and shared by top influencers.  Kate’s readers regularly follow in her footsteps around the globe, staying in the same lodging, eating at the same restaurants, and taking part in the same activities.

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