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This site is your guide to solo female travel all over the world.

Hi. I’m Kate and I teach women how to travel the world alone safely. Writing about solo travel for women has been my sole job since 2010. I’ve traveled to more than 80 countries, most of them solo, researching what it’s like for a woman to travel on her own there.

I believe that with the right research and preparation, it’s safe for a woman to travel almost anywhere in the world.

Most women don’t realize this because they are fed a constant narrative of, “It’s not safe! You can’t go there and you can’t go alone!” Most of this well-intended advice is given by people who aren’t accustomed to travel, yet it tends to drown out those who actually travel.

I consider it my calling to help women travel the world safely. It’s my purpose. It’s my passion. Every word that I type on this site is for the purpose of helping women like you travel the world and stay safe.

Here is a collection of my best resources for solo female travelers.

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Solo Female Travel Advice

For nearly a decade, I’ve been creating posts that show women how to travel the world safely. Here are some of the best posts:

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women — The vast majority of staying safe while traveling is using common sense. These top 10 tips break down exactly what common sense means when you’re on the road. These tips work well all over the world.

Always Consider the Source — Required reading for any woman about to travel solo.

My Parents Don’t Want Me to Travel — What should you do when your parents are begging you not to go?

I Want to Travel, But My Boyfriend Doesn’t — You shouldn’t let your relationship keep you from achieving your dreams. If he’s worth it, he’ll understand.

How to Survive Pre-Trip Anxiety — It happens to all of us and it’s totally normal. Here’s how to go forward with your trip when you’re facing doubts.

The Solo Woman’s Guide to House Sitting While Traveling — How to house sit and get free accommodation in exchange for taking care of homes and pets — as a solo woman.

Why Travel Safety is Different for Women — This is one post to send to the men in your life so that they understand.

How to Travel Solo to a Party Destination — When everyone is partying up, what do you do?

Solo Female Travelers Over 40 — Come meet these inspirational women traveling solo after turning 40.

Five Strange and Unusual Benefits of Solo Travel — It’s not what you think!

The Secret to Solo Female Travel Confidence: Drink Champagne — This is how you become the most interesting woman in the room!

25 Things I Learned the Hard Way While Traveling — Required reading so that you don’t make the same mistakes!

Practical Travel Advice

Pacsafe Travelsafe: The Most Important Item I Pack — This portable safe is the single best way to guard against theft at your accommodation.

Finding the Right Purse for Travel — There are good purses and bad purses, and this is a selection of purses that are good for keeping from pickpockets.

Adventurous Kate Signature Scarves with a Passport Pocket — These scarves are my signature collection with Speakeasy Travel Supply. They are PERFECT for travel because they have a secret pocket for your valuables that no pickpocket will find!

How to Avoid Motion Sickness While Traveling — All the top tips from a frequently nauseated girl.

How I Stay Healthy While Traveling — Practical tips for when you’re surrounded by temptation.

Should You Use a Diva Cup? — An item I recommend for solo female travelers who menstruate.

How I Choose Where to Travel Next — When you can go anywhere, how do you narrow it down?

Solo Female Travel Destination Guides

I set out to create the best solo female travel guides on the web. There are a LOT of them out there, but I find that most travel guides for women either massively overplay the dangers (“It’s not safe, you’re going to get raped!”) or massively underplay the dangers (“Just have common sense, you’ll be fine!”).

I think that’s wrong. As much as I want women to let go of their travel fears, it’s important to do the proper research before traveling somewhere alone.

My goal is to give you the realistic picture of every destination — which is why these guides are exceptional. Every guide is written about a place that I have traveled extensively and know very well; I’ve hired writers to cover destinations that I don’t know as well.

North America

Solo Female Travel in New York City

Solo Female Travel in New Orleans

Solo Female Travel in San Francisco

Solo Female Travel in Savannah, Georgia

Solo Female Travel in the Florida Keys

Latin America

Solo Female Travel in Mexico

Solo Female Travel in Central America

Solo Female Travel in Belize

Solo Female Travel in Costa Rica

Solo Female Travel in Colombia


Solo Female Travel in Europe

Solo Female Travel in Paris

Solo Female Travel in Italy

Solo Female Travel in England, Scotland, and Wales

Solo Female Travel in the Balkans

Solo Female Travel in Croatia

Middle East

Solo Female Travel in Lebanon

Solo Female Travel in Turkey


Solo Female Travel in South Africa


Solo Female Travel in Japan

Solo Female Travel in India

Solo Female Travel in Thailand


Solo Female Travel in Australia


Solo Female Travel in Antarctica

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