Attack of the Naked Man

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I’ve had a lot of strange things happen to me while traveling.  But what happened one early morning in Liechtenstein was something completely new.

It’s 6:45 AM in Liechtenstein.  I’m sleeping in my bed in my cozy hotel room — actually getting my first decent sleep post-TBU, I should mention — when I’m awoken by knocking.

Loud knocking.

REALLY?  At 6:45 AM?  I roll over and try to go back to sleep.

More knocking.

It sounds like it’s my door.  But who would be knocking on my door so early?  There’s no reason why anyone would.

A third round of knocking.

This is ridiculous, I think to myself as I get up, throw on an actual pair of pants, and swing open the door —

Only to find a completely naked man in the hallway.

My jaw drops.

He’s at the next door down, middle-aged, a small towel resting on his shoulder but NOT where it SHOULD be!  He turns toward me and I can see absolutely everything.

I slam the door.

I don’t know whether it’s a traditional morning greeting, a hookup gone wrong, or who knows what else.  HOW DOES SOMEONE END UP NAKED IN THE HALLWAY? 

The knocks continue long after I drop back into bed.  But now I’m amusing myself thinking of all the reasons why someone would end up naked in the middle of a quiet three-star hotel in the middle of the principality of Liechtenstein!

What do you think happened?

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29 thoughts on “Attack of the Naked Man”

  1. this happened to me in Leeds in the UK once. turns out the poor guy had slept walk out of his room naked and ended up in the corridor before waking up. I provided him with a towel and rang room service….

    1. This happened to me in a hostel in Rome… Except he was actually in my BED! He was an Irishman and it was New Years, so he either partied too hard or was just mistaken. Needless to say, I slept elsewhere!

  2. That’s hilarious! He was probably german – older german men feel really comfortable with their nudity, I mean, they’re even able to spread up naked in the middle of a crowded park!

  3. LOLZ…. Same shit happened with me in Phnom penh hotel , I opened the Door to enter the steam and suana section waiting area & Suddenly saw Two chinease naked guys…..It was so spontaneous , that i shouted with out thinking …WHAT THE FUCK !! IS HAPPENING …..

  4. It wasn’t me Kate. I was home in Ballarat Australia 🙂
    You should visit Aussie one day & yes – we wear clothes

  5. I worked various positions at hotels, including the “graveyard” shift, and this is not all that unusual. Sometimes they’re in their undies, sometimes not, but the scenario is usually the same.

    What happens is they had a few drinks, went to bed, and got up to pee. Only they were still basically sleeping, and opened the wrong door. This happens particularly to businessmen who travel for work so often, they start losing track of where they are. With even a little alcohol, they can end up so disoriented and confused, they don’t even realize they didn’t just step out into their own hallway at home, until the door slams behind them and then it’s too late.

    If they’re sharing a room, they try to wake up their roommate, which can be futile if their roommate was drinking as well. Eventually they have no choice but to make their way to the front desk, which is always hysterical and never gets old. It’s more fun to go in the office the next day and replay the video.

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