Adventurous Kate Blog Consulting

Do you dream of running a blog that earns you enough money to quit your job? Do you dream of being recognized for your creative work, having an audience that loves you, and turning your passion into your living?

You might have started blogging awhile ago, thinking you were on your way — but you’ve hit a plateau. Suddenly it feels like you’re working harder and harder and everyone around you is succeeding.

What’s not working? Sometimes it’s hardest to see what’s right in front of you.

You have it in you to be successful. Let me help.

Introducing Adventurous Kate Blog Consulting

After years of helping bloggers privately and publicly, on Facebook Messenger and in Facebook groups, I’m bringing it to the next level. I’m consulting one-on-one with individual bloggers who are looking to improve their blogs.

Investing in an expert to take a look at your blog and see what’s going on is one of the smartest ways to grow your blog. Rather than guessing at what you need and throwing money in the wrong direction — Instagram management you don’t need, a host that provides scant extra benefits, a course on email marketing that costs a ton — you can find out all of the things you should be doing at once.

Are you struggling to get any search traffic? I can show you how to target SEO so your posts rank better.

Do you feel like nobody will care what you have to say? THAT IS SO NOT TRUE, but almost every woman I work with worries about this at some point. I’ll help you get over it.

Are you not making affiliate sales? Chances are you’re not targeting your affiliates or posts right. I can show you the smart way to target buyers.

Do you have no idea what to do about hosting and tech and theme? I can show you the easy way to do it.

Are you worried about how your blog will make money in a recession? I can help you capitalize on your unique knowledge and create a product.

Are you overwhelmed at everything you have to do? I’ll show you what to prioritize and what you can let slide.

Why work with Kate in particular?

Of all the bloggers out there, you should be working with someone who is knowledgeable and has long-term success. Not someone who necessarily has the exact style and voice that you want to emulate, but a someone who has a deep, long-term understanding of this industry and has evolved along with it.

There are many people who have been successful in the short term, but it’s a bit of a risk working with someone who hasn’t been seriously tested. Over the last 10 years, I’ve seen blogging go through many changes, I’ve changed my own strategy several times out of necessity, and I’ve survived a lot of setbacks that would (and did) wreck other bloggers.

This is the knowledge I will pass on to you.

To give you a background: I have a creative writing degree and editorial background. While I first started blogging in fall 2002 (!!), I started Adventurous Kate in early 2010, set off on my first long-term trip in late 2010, and I haven’t had a “real job” since. By mid-2011, my savings had run out and I was only earning from my blog and offshoots like freelance writing.

In the early days, I earned my living through text links (in 2010, we all did) and freelance writing. Over the years I increased my workload and advertising fees, and soon I was making my living from writing and branded content, then paid press trips and campaigns, then affiliate marketing, social media takeovers, guided tours, private consulting, and merchandise.

I’ve been flown all over the world by brands who trust me to design a campaign showcasing their destinations. Places I love like New Orleans, Newfoundland, South Africa, and Savannah. I even got invited to Antarctica — a $17,000 trip — for free!

I spent years traveling the world full-time, then decided to move to New York City full-time and travel much less. I was earning enough money to afford my own one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. And in 2017, Forbes named me one of the Top 10 Influencers in Travel.

And while that was good, I’ve also survived a lot of extremely difficult times. I used to make $4,000 per month on one affiliate, which was a cornerstone of my income — then I got outranked and lost ALL the income in 2016. I had the rug pulled out from me on a lucrative freelance gig in 2014, and I was down to my last $200 while six brands at once were late paying me $9,000 total in 2013.

And when the pandemic of 2020 decimated travel bloggers’ traffic and some bloggers’ income by upwards of 80%, I immediately pivoted and earned more than $1,500 direct from readers in less than a week. More on that below.

Here’s the truth: you are going to hit hard times at some point, no matter how good your blog is. It’s the nature of the beast. I’ve been tested. I can show you how to ride it out and come back stronger than ever.

But more than anything, I’ve always been an individual, doing my own thing rather than following the crowds. And it pays off enormously. Sometimes I pay a price, though — these days it’s hard for me to publish anything without another blogger copying it.

Why does personality matter?

Because showcasing your personality will earn you an audience that cares about you. Not just affiliate sales and display ad income, but people who genuinely care about you. And that will save you during the most difficult times.

When the coronavirus began making headlines in late January, almost all travel bloggers saw a dip in traffic. By March, it was like a horror movie. Many lost the majority of their traffic, especially SEO and Pinterest traffic. That was the case for me, too.

But because I am a personality-based blogger, I introduced a simple product to my readers — just basic Skype calls with me to talk to them about whatever I wanted. In less than a week, I earned more than $1,500 directly because my readers wanted a chance to speak with me.

That money went straight into my emergency fund, untouched, until I inevitably need it in a few months.

Nobody cares about the person behind an informational site. People DO care about the person behind a personality-based blog. If you strike it right, your readers care about you as much as you care about them.

Adventurous Kate Blog Consulting Package

My goal is to get your blog to the next level — and ultimately set you on a path to being the best blogger you can be. A blogger who makes a good living and is really happy with the work she (or he) does, happy not to compromise.

Here’s how it works:

STEP ONE: You fill out a detailed questionnaire telling me what’s going right with your blog, your biggest struggles, and what your ultimate goals are. Most importantly, though, you tell me your why — why you started this blog and what motivates you each day.

STEP TWO: I go through your blog with a fine-tooth comb, along with your questionnaire, and take notes on all aspects of your blog and brand, identifying the areas on which to concentrate for growth.

STEP THREE: We do an hourlong Skype call discussing my findings, what to do next, and how you can improve your blog for the better.

Next, you’ll take time to make changes on your site.

STEP FOUR: At least two weeks later, after you’ve had time to implement suggestions, we have another hourlong Skype consulting call and go over the changes, identify blind spots, and chart a path going forward.

Consultation Cost: $350.

You will be invoiced directly from me, and you can pay in two installments of $180 if you’d like. (The second installment is due one month after the first is paid.)

I will be offering a $50 referral commission to any previous consulting client who recommends a new client. Referrals are only available to previous clients. I want to keep this circle purposefully small.

Are you ready for the next step? Email me through the following form.

Travel blogging gave me the world.

Travel blogging gave me, a person who never thought she’d love her job, a career she loves fiercely and is still obsessed with ten years later.

It allowed me to move to my dream city, New York, a place I always assumed I’d never be able to afford.

It enabled me to chase love up and down the globe, many joyful times. And when I needed to flee a bad relationship, it gave me the financial security I needed to escape.

And in the worst economic crisis of my lifetime, it threw me a lifeline.

I want you to have the same thing. Let’s make some magic.