Eaton Hall: It’s Good to Be the Duke

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If you were one of the richest people in your country, and you had to build a vacation home in your home country, where would you build it?

I think I’d go for a beach mansion in California.  Somewhere beautiful and dramatic — maybe Santa Barbara.

Well, the Duke of Westminster is one of the richest people in Britain. And for his vacation home, he chose Cheshire — a region in England’s northwest.  And so Eaton Hall, just outside Chester, was created.

Eaton Hall is a private residence, but a few times a year, they open it up to the public. It could have not been timed more perfectly with my arrival in Chester — and it also happened to be on the most gorgeous day of the year!

Seriously, how often do you see days this beautiful in England?!

Dave and I enjoyed it greatly — and got lots of perfect photos.

A perk of visiting Eaton Hall in April — tulip season!  The grounds were landscaped with such careful precision.

I have no words to describe how much I love Dave’s photobomb here!

I attempt stealth.

And if the gorgeous landscaped grounds aren’t enough for you, Eaton Hall also has a beautiful lake.

This is just one of the many houses on the premises.  I can’t even imagine how many people can be accommodated at once.

With a summer home like Eaton Hall, one thing’s for sure: it’s good to be the Duke.

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10 thoughts on “Eaton Hall: It’s Good to Be the Duke”

  1. Oh trust me, when the sun comes out in April, all of England is out! Winter is sooo hard to cope with, with only 8 hours of light per day (note that I didn’t say sunlight, but just light). So when the tulips have blossomed, it makes for a truly magical day.

    I remember walking through St James Park early in April of 2009 and I was just amazed at how pretty it was, as if the season change had happened overnight.

    As for the “being a Duke” thing, well, for some people, life’s good. 🙂

  2. That’s good life there! The english residence really looks beautiful with the blooming tulips!

    If I were a duke or, well, just one of the richest people in Switzerland, I’d buy a mansion next to Lake Geneva. With my own jetty and an electric door that leads my sailing boat right into the water.
    No wonder a lot of “rich” live around here – Michael Schumacher and the owner of Ikea have both mansions in this area!

  3. Haha a house in Santa Barbara would be lovely but for now I’ll just have to rely on quick vacations…my budget doesn’t allow for luxurious splurges anymore. Next time you’re in California stop by for some Santa Barbara wine, and save some money by staying at The Sandman Inn ( It’s a hidden gem in an otherwise expensive city!

  4. I think you have got it a bit wrong, Eaton Hall is the “Family Seat” or his main house and has been for many many years. London is work, and attending cerimoninal functions,also when required the house of lords. As far as I can remember the Duke of Bedford is the only one whose family seat is in the county whose name he holds.. Yes last time I went there the clock tower is part of the house.
    Yes he is very rich, but the Grosvenor family are some of the biggest employers as well, my wife was one of them. You will always find someone who isn;t happy but by far, most would not want to work anywhere else.
    Bill Shepherd

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