Funny British Commercials

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I don’t know what it is about life in the UK, but British commercials are HILARIOUS!

This weekend during X-Factor, a new commercial (sorry — advert!) aired for Yeo Valley organic dairy products.

It aired only once, but it was GLORIOUS — a boy band of HOT FARMERS, appropriately named “Churned” — singing about organic farming and staying in tune with nature, with lyrics like “Family farming has been the driving factor, plowing into the future aboard a shiny tractor.”  Oh, and they drink milk in a very sexy manner.

Feast your eyes on this:

It only aired once on the show, but it was the talk of the internet, even making it onto US news sites.

And it seems like there are FAR more funny commercials, on average, in the UK than in the US.

Here is my favorite recent one, from WKD: “Missus Alert!”  I have hope that this pub exists somewhere:

And my favorite from my last visit to the UK: “Groovy Kind of Love” by Walkers chips, known everywhere else in the world as Lays:

I love the Brits — they don’t take themselves seriously, and that’s what makes British commercials so funny.

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12 thoughts on “Funny British Commercials”

  1. These cracked me up. Although with the WKD commercial, I’m not sure which I find funnier: the commercial itself or the fact that a sweet drink I associate with getting drunk at 16 is now being marketed to businessmen.

  2. When I arrived in Scotland to meet my boyfriends family one of the first things his dad did was sit down and instruct me on several british commercials I was to watch via youtube, most of them involving monkeys. I’m still a little bewildered by the whole thing, to be honest.

  3. Glad you’re loving our adverts! The WKD ones are always funny – have you seen the one with the workman doing the robotic dance with the power drill? One thing I am always proud of about our country (particularly when travelling and I meet fellow Brits) is our sense of humour. Particularly as I’m from the North and we have our own pretty sarcastic sense of humour which is cheeky but funny 🙂

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