How to Choose a Name For Your Travel Blog

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If you’ve decided to take the plunge and start a blog — whether travel-oriented or not — one of the most important decisions you can make is what to name it. A great blog name could propel you to the top; a bad blog name could destroy you.

There’s much to consider when choosing a name for your travel blog.

Here are the most popular options for choosing a name:

Option 1: Your Real (or Professional) Name

Examples: Suzy Guese, Katie Aune, Lee Abbamonte

Pros: You own your name on the web and nobody can take it away from you. It gives you professional credibility, especially if you do freelance creative work in addition to your blog.

Cons: You may end up miserably editing everything you write because you don’t want to say anything remotely offensive to prospective employers that may Google you. You may get tired of travel blogging, or may not want to represent yourself foremost as a travel blogger.

Option 2: A Variation of Your First (or Last) Name

Examples: Travels of Adam, Flora the ExplorerHecktic Travels

Pros: It’s a great balance between providing your name without revealing your entire identity.

Cons: No matter what, name-based sites sound like blogs, though this is changing with the rise of influencer marketing over the past few years. If you have a goal of eventually selling your blog or expanding to a multi-author blog, it will be much harder.

Option 3: A Location-Based Name

Examples: Adventures Around Asia, Aussie on the Road, Traveling Canucks

Pros: This gives you personality based on the location and/or allows you to be a knowledgeable representative for your area.

Cons: You might be mistaken for a destination-based site.  And after you leave your destination, do you still want it to define you forever, even if you settle in another place?  Furthermore, does that destination define you to begin with?

Option 4: An SEO-Friendly Travel Term

Examples: Go Backpacking, A Luxury Travel Blog, Travel Yourself

Pros: Lots of SEO traffic; lots of site value; potentially great for reselling down the road. It could also make you look like a well-established travel site.

Cons: Your name could be easily forgettable. It’s not as easy to be etched in someone’s mind.

Option 5: A Creative Travel Term

Examples: Wild Junket, Migrationology, Velvet Escape

Pros: It’s unique, yet undeniably about travel — nobody will be questioning what your blog is about.

Cons: Very few — this is a smart choice. Be careful to avoid a complicated name or becoming overly gimmicky, thinking you have to stick to the theme of the name.

Option 5: Something Outlandish

Examples: Bridges and Balloons, A Dangerous BusinessStop Having a Boring Life

Pros: Your blog name is memorable and creates an unforgettable image in the reader’s mind! You won’t have to compete with similarly named sites.

Cons: It’s not clear that your site is about travel. You might get sick of explaining the meaning of it over and over.

Once you’ve found a name you like, be sure to answer the following questions:

1. Is it available as a .com? It’s a lot easier for people to remember a .com than a .net, .co or .ca.

2. Is it simple? Concise? Easy to remember? Easy to spell and pronounce? Understandable to non-travel bloggers?

3. What does Googling it bring up now? Does someone else have a similarly named site? Does it bring up porn?

4. Is it available on social networking sites? Is it available on Instagram? On Twitter, Facebook, YouTube? It will always be easy for people to find you by keeping the same screenname on each site, so be sure it’s short enough as well.

5. Does it lock you in? Sure, if you’re teaching in Osaka for a year, “Jamie in Japan” might seem like a great blog name. But what if you decide to teach in Argentina next? Or, what if you decide not to teach anymore? That name isn’t going to grow with you.

Finally, picture yourself arriving at a luxury hotel in your dream exotic location. Flash a smile and say with confidence, “Hi, I’m [name] from [blog name].”

How does it feel? Does it make you feel good? Proud? Or awkward?

When the name is right, you’ll feel great about it.

Ready to get started? Move on to starting your travel blog!

How to Start a Travel Blog

Tell me, travel bloggers: how has your blog name worked out for you?

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126 thoughts on “How to Choose a Name For Your Travel Blog”

  1. Ask yourself….What is the shelf life of your blog’s name? Unfortunately, we named ours after our Golden Retriever, Tucker. Sadly, he left us too soon. Now we are at a loss. Do we continue with his blog? Or begin anew? We’re leaning towards a new blog name, and starting new which is why I landed on your page. Great page. Good ideas to ponder.

  2. This blog article is really good.. I just did a google search for ‘travel blog names’ or something, didn’t really expect so much information! 🙂
    I started a travel blog with a random name ‘travel stories’ I thought I would change it as I went along after a few posts…. except that its been more than a month I haven’t been able to come up with the right name. 😐

    I have currently put it as ‘Lotus Pod’ with a spiritual meaning behind it but I don’t think its right for me… its too random! So looking at alternatives.. I have so many ideas, many of which are pretty ok but nothing that is clicking!

    My other blog was something I thought of on the spur and it fit but for my travel blog.. the name is tough going! Hope reading this article sparks something interesting to come up.

  3. My site is called “H-Bomb’s Worldwide Karaoke”; the focus of my blog is my World Karaoke Tour (I’m continually singing karaoke in new cities around the globe — so far I’ve sung karaoke in 27 countries), as well as my other travel experiences. I’m very happy with the name I chose for my site. I think it’s unique and memorable (and if someone forgets the exact name it’s very easy to find by googling something like “Hbomb karaoke”). And it’s tied to my long-time nickname, H-Bomb, which most of my friends know me as, and which is similar to my actual forename (Harvey); so that really helps with branding. I do have to explain the name of my blog sometimes, but I always enjoy doing that because it’s fun discussing the concept of my World Karaoke Tour, and people are invariably intrigued by that tour.

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  6. I have already been online on line higher than Three hours at present, however i never located just about any appealing post like the one you have. It’s gorgeous value enough in my situation. I think, if perhaps most website owners and web owners manufactured good articles when you almost certainly would, the online world may very well be far more handy than ever before.

    1. I think it says nothing about travel, and the word “the” in front can be problematic — people will wonder whether or not to include the “the” or not. I do this with some of my own friends’ sites.

  7. Hi. Im looking for a name for my travel blog. I was thinking get lost and travel, but it seems kind of boring. Another one I thought of was bearVSworld because i love bears, but I know there a pretty famous blog that has their name VSworld… I would like the word travel or voyage or something that has to do with traveling. any suggestions?

  8. I’m not sure which catagory ’emmawomblingfree’ fits into exactly. I suppose it is a creative variation my name. I probably should have thought about the issues you have raised regarding the merits of different types of names but I just choose something that felt like ‘me’. The wombles are creatures from an old tv series set in my home town (wimbledon). The theme tune (well known in the UK) went ‘underground, over ground, wombling free….’ so I thought that is me as I leave my home town to explore the world. Also I just really like the sound of the word wombling.

  9. I am a huge commitment-phobe so picking out a name for my blog was a HUGE struggle. It put me off starting my blog for a very long time. I must admit I’m glad I waited though – “Girl vs Globe” really fits with the tone of my site & people really seem to like it. That’s a relief, because my first blog was called “Frau Pixie Dust” and I physically shuddered whenever anyone asked about it!

  10. Im just starting today! been a long time traveller and taking the plunge to start a blog! Whats your advice re. names:
    1) Wanderings of Bec
    2) BEC-packer
    3) Bec Beyond Borders
    4) BECkoning travels
    5)At the World’s Bec & Call

    Or any other suggestions welcome :3

    1. I love number 2 and 3!! Maybe 2 more… because when its in URL form it would like becpacker which would work better than beckoningtravels which looks like the normal word ‘beckoning’


  11. Hey all! I love this post and hope that I will be able to develop something original, quirky and catchy too! I’m only young, but I have travelled to a few far off places…

    But next year I will be moving to France for 9 months while I study full time at a ballet school… This is main motive for me to create a blog-

    I want to begin a travel blog and record my French adventures and what its like studying at an international ballet school (I’m from America, but have been living in Australia for years). So I would like to incorporate elements of ballet/dance but its not essential in the URL… I figured it would just give it some personal flare. so instead of ‘point’ I would use ‘pointe’ like the ballet shoe. Can someone help me with some suggestions? Here are some of my thoughts… Although they seem a little boring!! :/ I don’t know

    Adventure awaits, balletic escape, adventure pointe, tutu travels, elle’s pointe, pointe shoe chronicles,

    I don’t really want it to be airy fairy because I am chasing after my dream and I have direction…

    I would like it to be open because I’m only in France for a year, and I’ve been to NYC, LA, Scotland.. I want to go to Barcelona and London etc so I don’t really want any specific reference to France as I plan to be diverse…

    Any suggestions? 🙂 I think this is a great post!!

  12. Very well organised post.
    Currently reading into moving from Travellerspoint (which has been great) to my own webpage as nailed a career break!
    Name selection has been a ‘mare and consuming my life.
    We now have .scot domains in Scotland but from what I read above it seems .com is desirable, would you agree? Have had a few names in the past (ones that didn’t read well together and currently one that is way over used!)

  13. Hi Kate,
    I’ve just come across your amazing site while searching for somewhere warm to go to in January in Europe (to escape the cold English winter!).
    I’m thrilled that your post features Seville, as we have always wanted to see it.
    Anyway, having been a writer for years and now wanting to travel a lot more, and maybe see if I can make a career out of it, I’ve spent a fair few hours on your site yesterday and today.

    In relation to this post, I just wanted to ask if there was anything you’d do differently with your site name if you’d had the amazing advice you’re giving on here, or if it has already been through several versions?
    As I’ve said, I think it’s amazing already, but, as my Gran used to say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!!


  14. Hello!
    When you said to picture yourself at a luxury hotel saying your blog name with confidence I laughed out loud and began immediately looking for a new name! I hadn’t 100% settled on a name but I was leaning towards one with underlying context, which I am probably the only one who would think was funny. I can’t wait to start blogging and maybe I will see you on the road! Thanks for this post.

  15. I’m planning to buy my personal domain soon, I chose

    what do you think guys?

    tell me more, so i can consider another domain..

    i would like to start this well

    hope to hear your brilliant ideas!

  16. Thanks for this 🙂 Regarding point #3 – “What does Googling it now bring up?”: I have a couple of names in mind, and when I Google them there are a few things already associated with those names (namely a small photography company, an Etsy seller, and a small band). Would this put you off of choosing one of those names? I’m just thinking that with the internet being so massive, almost every potential idea I come up with might already exisit in some capacity online….

    Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  17. kevin snail shkreli

    can you answer this question:
    does having my middle name ‘snail’ in my title be a good idea ?

  18. Thanks for this! I’m thinking about using a name with ‘roam’ considering my name is romy I think it adds a funny touch as well. But I’m still thinking of something, especially because I also want to make an instragam account, I want to make sure to have a name I can both use for a website as for an instagram account.

  19. Great article Kate! I wish I had come across it when I set my blog up!

    I really like our name – it is obvious it is about travelling, is portable across locations and stages of life and I think it is catchy and easy to remember – but I failed to do a very important thing: google it before I set the name up!

    It turns out there is already a I never thought to check the American spelling! *slaphandtoforhead*

    So I am slowly coming to terms with the fact we need to rebrand before we try to grow it as a business. Luckily, we are small so it won’t have much of an impact. Do you have any tips on rebranding?


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