How to Tie a Bedouin Scarf

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On this icy cold Sunday — well, at least it is here in Massachusetts! — I’ve got a video for you straight from the desert: Wadi Rum in Jordan.

While in Jordan, I learned that there are SO many ways to tie a headscarf, either for men or for women. And I wanted to learn how to tie a Bedouin scarf.

My friend Hasan here gives his tutorial of how to tie a scarf, Bedouin style.  Excuse the wind noise.

Enjoy your day!

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4 thoughts on “How to Tie a Bedouin Scarf”

  1. Hey Kate – this is great! We’re in MA too and it IS mighty cold here right now! I keep wishing I were somewhere warmer…

  2. I’m just back from a fabulous trip to Jordan where we spent a lot of time in Wadi Rum watching Hussein tie everyone’s headscarves. It was great to see this video of him….and his little yell at the end! Great memories of a fun guy!

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