INTRODUCING One-on-Ones with Adventurous Kate!

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I’m excited to introduce something I’ve wanted to do for quite a long time — private one-on-one calls between me and my readers! This new product is a way for us to have private one-on-one conversations tailored to whatever you want.

I got into this business is because I wanted to help women achieve their travel dreams. Helping women has always been the core of what I do. And this is a new way to help people on a personal level — the kind of interaction I enjoy the most.

I am temporarily running these calls through April 15, 2020.

Why are you doing this now?

I’ve actually done calls with readers for years, just privately! People often email me and ask me what I would charge for a video call, and we work it out and they pay me.

This is work that I genuinely enjoy and I have always intended to offer on a larger scale to my readers, but the time has never been right.

However, I need to start ASAP. Due to COVID-19, people around the world have stopped reading about, searching for, and booking travel. People reading about, searching for, and booking travel is how I make my living. I need to do something new to make up for the money that I’m losing at an alarming rate.

I know that I’m in a much more fortunate position than my friends with brick-and-mortar travel jobs. But it’s vital that we all have backup income streams to weather economic downturns like this one.

I’m anticipating my earnings being massively down for the next few months, and reduced for possibly longer. In the meantime, I am working on other projects that will earn me a living when people aren’t researching travel, but they will take much longer to turn a profit.

One-on-one calls are the best idea — it’s fun, it’s exclusive for you, and it pays off for both of us.

Kate wearing a red coat and standing on the beach in Sable Island, turning her head back to face the camera with a grin, as a zodiac filled with passengers leaves the island.

How would talking to you help me, Kate?

My past 10 years have been devoted to traveling the world, educating women how to travel safely, and making a full-time living with a travel blog.

That’s a lot of knowledge that most people don’t have — and we can take it and apply it to your own life.

I have experience traveling in 83 countries so far, and most of them have been solo. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the best destinations to visit around the world, and I have an especially deep knowledge of travel in Europe.

Do you want help with figuring out your future travels? I can help! In fact, if you’re looking for the best travel destinations for your personality, I can DEFINITELY do that!

But most importantly, I’ve run a successful travel blog for 10 years and have seen it ALL. I know how to make money through SEO-optimized content, I know how to make money through great writing, I know how to create content that brands love, and I know how to get readers invested in what you write.

I’ve had a lot of highs — and I’ve survived a LOT of lows. Lots of lows where people quit.

Most importantly, I know how to turn your passion into a full-time job and keeping it full of joy without resorting to content that you hate.

I can share that knowledge with you personally — for bare-bones rates compared to what other people would charge.

Finally, I’ve chosen a pretty unconventional path, particularly compared to what women are told they “should” do. Last year I wrote about the long journey toward deciding whether or not to have children, a decision that at one point made me sick with worry 24 hours a day.

I got over it. I found my happiness. Getting to the place I’m in now was one of the biggest mental health challenges of my life, and I’d love to talk you through it if you’re going through something similar.

In my humble opinion, I would say that Kate is the top female travel blogger out there, which of course puts her on my list. Her blog is one of the very first travel blogs I ever read, and is pretty much the only blog out of my original favorites that continues to impress me.

Kate is always ahead of the game. She was backpacking and blogging about SE Asia while everyone else was doing round-the-world trips. When the bloggers flocked to SE Asia, Kate moved on to Central America. She was one of the first people to hop on the Snapchat train. She also switched to a business model heavily dependent on affiliate links so that she could be free of press trips, sponsored content, and freelancing. Finally, she even led a few tours around Central America!

If I could ask Kate for any advice, it would be how to gain her almost psychic ability to stay ahead of the trend.

–Richelle Gamlam, Adventures Around Asia

Kate leans into the rows of cheese and holds her hand to her ear like she's listening to them.
I will listen to you as intently as I listen to the cheese.

What can we talk about?

Do you want to break away from your regular job and start a blog or digital business of your own? It’s scary, and hard to know where to start, but I can help you gain clarity and figure out how to get started.

Do you want to travel somewhere, but your parents, friends, or partner don’t want you to? I am VERY happy to talk about that and give you some ways to deal with their disapproval.

Do you want to travel somewhere, but everyone is telling you it’s not safe? That’s my specialty. I can point you to the right resources.

Are you scared about the Coronavirus and its impact on travel? We can talk about that for sure.

Are you planning a trip and you want my help? Believe me, I love planning trips for people and sending you to places I love, once it’s a good time to travel again!

Do you have a travel blog and you’re looking for advice? Ask me your questions and I’d love to help. Because this is a call only, I won’t be looking at your site beforehand, but I will for the full length of the 45-minute call.

(If you are looking for a more in-depth blog audit or consultation, please contact me privately and we can set up something more professional and in-depth.)

Do you have any feminism topics that you want to talk out? Everything from politics to issues in your workplace and in your social circle. I’m here to listen.

Are you an American liberal who was supporting a candidate who dropped out and is agonizing over whether to vote for Bernie or Biden? Oh, wow, we can talk about that. We can talk about that for DAYS.

Do you just want advice? I love to hear about people’s dilemmas and help them solve them.

Are you just a longtime reader and you want to thank me for all the free entertainment I’ve given you over the years? That would be awesome. We can talk about almost anything.

What can we NOT talk about?

Absolutely no romantic, sexual, or inappropriate comments or actions toward me. The call will end immediately at the first romantic or sexual inference, with zero strikes.

Keep things appropriate and respect my privacy as a human being. Keep things professional and don’t be mean.

I reserve the right to end calls at any time, for any reason. That’s just to protect myself — I know that the VAST majority of you are awesome people who wouldn’t do anything to make me uncomfortable.

Kate stands in front of a New York subway train reading "K train" (a line that doesn't exist)

How do I book a one-on-one call with you?

Book directly here on my Calendly profile. It will show you the times I have available and you can book directly for that time and pay with a credit card.

All calls will be done over Skype.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $75 for a 45-minute call.

How long will this be available?

I am only doing calls between now and April 15, 2020. I won’t have the availability from April 16 onward.

Thanks for being there for me in this stressful time, and I hope to chat with you soon!