My Version of London

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I’m heading to the Faroe Islands next week — and what does that mean?  It’s time for a weekend in London, of course!

My flight to the Faroe Islands leaves early from Gatwick Airport, so it makes sense for me to head into London early for a weekend of fun, culture, and lots of photo-taking.

Then again, my favorite highlights of London aren’t necessarily the same as everyone else’s.  Here are some of my favorite things to do in London:

Make friends with randos on the tube.  London may be one of the more reserved cities I’ve visited, but not when it’s late at night!

These guys were on their way to a stag do, making jager bombs ON THE TUBE.  This was my first visit to Europe after six months in Southeast Asia, and it was quite the welcome!  (And I must admit that it’s shocking to see pictures of myself in my backpacker getup — hippie pants, bracelets, tubing t-shirt…)

Royalphilia.  I’d love to get a glance of Will and Kate, but if not, this portrait from Shoreditch will have to do.  I would LOVE a chance to see them in real life.

Live out my Harry Potter fantasies.  At Kings Cross Station in London, there’s an actual Platform 9 3/4.  In the books, you can walk seamlessly through this wall and end up on the platform that leads you to Hogwarts.

I wouldn’t mind going back to the platform…but I’m not going to hit my head this time around!

Walk the canals.  I only got to see the canal in Camden, but I read recently that the canals weave a fascinating (and historical) path through London.  If I get the time, I’d love to follow the canals through London.

Shop for vintage dresses in Camden.  I LOVE vintage dresses and walking through this market is pure temptation.  Will I be able to resist this time around?  We’ll see.

Drink Pimm’s.  While the weather in the UK has been all over the place — here in Chester, at least — it’s still summer, and the best way to celebrate summer in England is to drink Pimm’s!  I’m still not sure what exactly is in it, but it’s delicious stuff.

What are your favorite things to do in London?