Photo Essay: Beautiful Canals in Bruges, Belgium

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Bruges is a quiet storm of a town: tranquil on the surface, yet fascinatingly compelling.  Located in Flanders, Belgium, not far from the North Sea, Bruges is best known for its romantic setting on a series of canals.

Of course, Venice is Europe’s premier city of canals.  But Bruges, though it has its share of tourists, is much quieter, more peaceful, cleaner, and more geared toward adults.  You tend to see more couples and fewer families in Bruges than you do in Venice.

If you’re coming off a whirlwind tour of Europe, Bruges is a perfect place to catch your breath.  Spend a day or two relaxing, eating, and strolling around this beautiful city.

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19 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Beautiful Canals in Bruges, Belgium”

  1. i’m probably not the first one to tell you, but if you happen to be in Belgium again, visit Ghent in stead of artificial bruges 😉
    you’ll like it 🙂 and there’ smore to party too 🙂

  2. Bruges is the definition of “picturesque.” Everything about it is absolutely gorgeous. Have you seen the movie “In Bruges?” It offers the gorgeous sights of Bruges but with Colin Farrell’s Irish thug sarcastic musings on Bruges. I’d really recommend watching the film!

  3. That looks awesome. Although I can’t help about the smell.. They say Venice isn’t the best place for your nose, is it also applicable to Bruges?…

  4. Ah so beautiful. I spent a weekend in Bruges with girlfriends before moving to China last year, your photos bring back so many memories of our canal boat ride around the canals. Thank you for the memories :). Really enjoying your blog, I just found it! You remind me of me leaving everything behind to go travelling.


  5. I’ve just got back from a long weekend in Bruges, and it is a fantastic city. Things might have changed a bit since you were there as I thought it was the busiest place I’ve ever been (even more so than Venice and Dubrovnik!)

  6. Bruges is the prettiest town in Europe and it beats Venice all hands down
    It has better accommodation, much better food,awesome, best beer and way more picturesque.
    We were there for a week and can’t wait to go back

  7. Hello Kate!

    I saw you visited Belgium. Did you enjoy your trip to Belgium?
    Did you taste our Belgian chocolate and French fries?

    You only visited Bruges, isn’t it? Would you like to come back to visit Ghent and Brussels?

    Why did you choose to travel alone? Did you miss your family?

    Thanks for this nice blog!

    Kind regards

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