Introducing Two New Adventurous Kate Scarves with a Hidden Passport Pocket!

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Of all the questions I get from most readers, most of them are from women looking to stay safe on their travels. We live in a world where women are constantly told, No, you can’t travel, it’s not safe, most often from people who are well-meaning but misinformed.

That’s why I write this site. It’s my job to keep you informed of what travel is actually like.

Yes — it’s very possible for women to travel the world safely and independently. And one way to stay safe is to protect your belongings when in transit, especially your passport.

Thanks to a business started by my friend, I am protecting my passport in the most stylish way possible: with a Speakeasy Travel Supply scarf.

Last year, I introduced two Speakeasy scarves that sold out. Today I’m introducing two new Speakeasy scarves in the Adventurous Kate collection — plus a 10% off code for AK readers! Read on for the details.

This post was updated November 13, 2018.

Speakeasy Travel Supply Scarves with a Secret Passport Pocket

My friend Bethany Salvon started Speakeasy Travel Supply four years ago. She was frustrated with how few pockets there are in women’s clothing and wondered how she could make her travels easier. What if there were a pocket in a scarf? She wore scarves all the time anyway!

She sewed an infinity scarf with a pocket in it and it worked so well, she and her partner Randy decided to start selling them. Today all Speakeasy scarves feature a double-stitched pocket for maximum durability and have a hidden, self-locking zipper. There are light, airier scarves for spring and summer and cozy, heavier scarves for fall and winter.

Above all, Beth’s goal was to create a product of high quality. “When you come back to buy another scarf from us we want it to be because you want a new color or design, not because your other scarf stopped working.” You can read more about how they’re made here.

And then Buzzfeed came calling! Buzzfeed listed Speakeasy scarves as an item “every traveler wishes they owned.” That set off a deluge of media coverage.

Today Beth has gone from a full-time travel blogger at to a full-time scarf entrepreneur. All of the scarves are made in her home in Massachusetts — high quality and economically sustainable with zero reliance on sweatshops.

And I couldn’t be happier for her. It’s so hard to make a living as a travel blogger, so to springboard from blogging into a related but very different business is such a gift!

Better Than a Money Belt

Many travel professionals encourage the use of money belts, but they aren’t as practical for women as they are for men. Why? Moneybelts are pointless when worn under dresses! Additionally, I don’t like how moneybelts feel, I don’t like the constant sweaty feeling on your waist, and most importantly, thieves know all about them. A skilled pickpocket knows exactly where to cut a moneybelt.

With a Speakeasy scarf, it’s something that you actually want to wear (and it’s something that I do wear on its own, even when I’m at home). And thieves have not caught on to them yet. If you use them for their intended purpose — storing your passport or valuables — nobody is going to have a clue you have anything in there.

Believe me, thieves don’t go around accosting every woman with a scarf around her neck. Scarves are seen as scarves.

How much can you fit in it? Generally, I prefer to just put a passport or light things inside it, like a lipstick or railpass, but if you wanted to, you could fit more.

If you were determined, you could fit your passport, a small wallet or moneyclip, your phone, lipstick, and keys. Yes, this scarf could potentially replace your whole purse.

And, um, you could totally fit a flask inside it. Just saying.

When to Use a Speakeasy Scarf

Well, they’re so beautiful and fashionable that you could wear them anytime, but there are some situations when they are especially helpful.

I use mine when in transit between countries. When traveling by bus, sometimes I have to take my passport out a few different times. Keeping it around my neck keeps it close to me.

I use it when in between accommodation. If I need to check out by 10 AM and can’t get to my next accommodation until later, I’ll keep my passport in there rather than leaving it in the hotel’s luggage storage room.

They are awesome for festivals. At festivals you want to be carrying as little as possible, and these scarves help you do that.

They work well for sporting events. At sporting events you don’t have a lot of space for your stuff, especially somewhere with tiny seats like Fenway Park, and these scarves give you much-needed storage.

It was ideal for Chernobyl! On my day trip to Chernobyl I had to keep my passport handy for different checkpoints, so I just kept it in my Speakeasy scarf and wore it all day. That’s me at Chernobyl in the photo below, getting my radiation levels checked on the way out of the contaminated zone. (That was one of the original Adventurous Kate scarves that has since sold out.)

Introducing the Adventurous Kate Signature Scarf Collection

I’m proud to be continuing my partnership with Speakeasy Travel Supply and introducing not one but two new scarves into the Adventurous Kate collection! I chose these two scarves myself and I hope you like them as much as I do.

First, the Adventurous Kate Manhattan Scarf is perhaps the most versatile style in the Speakeasy collection. It’s an abstract black and white in a bamboo fabric. I named it Manhattan because it’s as classic as the city itself!

This is the perfect scarf if you’re not sure of someone’s style — black and white is perfect for everyone. It looks and feels expensive.

Bamboo is an awesome fabric for a scarf. It’s spongy and stretchy and it regulates your body temperature, keeping you warm on cold days and cool on hot days! I love it paired with a black top and jeans, or with a leather jacket, distressed jeans, and tall leather boots, but this one also dresses up really well and can be worn with a long black peacoat.

Second is the Adventurous Kate Persia Scarf. It’s a lighter scarf in a beautiful paisley pattern. When it came time to name this scarf, I wanted to pay homage to the origin of paisley, rather than naming it after a random “bohemian” enclave around the globe, so it’s named after the region where paisley originated: ancient Persia.

This scarf is a lighter 100% rayon fabric, which makes it best for spring, summer, and fall weather. I love the colors in this one — it’s a combination of light, medium, and navy blue with pink, red, and burgundy. Literally everyone looks great in these colors.

I love pairing this one with a light- or dark-color top and jeans, or even with a sundress and sandals.

It would make me so happy to see these scarves on you.

The Perfect Gift For a Traveler You Love

If you have a traveler in your life with a birthday coming up, this makes a perfect gift. It’s fashionable and it’s thoughtful. In fact, I bought one for my sister for Christmas. Several of my friends have bought scarves for themselves, too.

And there are way more than just girly styles! There are plenty of more neutral and masculine styles available throughout the site as well. You’ll see Randy modeling several of them on the site.

There are scarves for Southeast Asia and scarves for Antarctica. The scarves come in a variety of fabrics, so you can find one that fits the weather of your travel destination.

The more you buy, the more you save. If you buy two scarves, you’ll save $8; if you buy four scarves, you’ll save $20! And you can also save $5 by signing up for the newsletter. And there’s free priority shipping in the US and Canada if you spend more than $75.

Adventurous Kate readers get 10% off! Get 10% off any order with the code ADVKATE.

Essential Info: You can peruse the scarves from Speakeasy Travel Supply here.

The Adventurous Kate Manhattan Scarf costs $65 and the Adventurous Kate Persia Scarf costs $49, but you get discounts when you buy more than one.

Adventurous Kate readers get 10% off their orders with the code ADVKATE.

This post is part of a partnership between myself and Speakeasy Travel Supply. Beth sent me these two scarves as a gift and I earn a commission on the scarves I sell.

Special thanks to my friend Karen for taking the photos for this post! They were taken in Brooklyn. 

Would you wear a scarf like this?

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17 thoughts on “Introducing Two New Adventurous Kate Scarves with a Hidden Passport Pocket!”

  1. Hi Kate!

    That scarf is functional and pretty at the same time.

    I don’t want to take your time, but I was wondering if you’d be able to make a travel recommendation off the top of your head. I’m American and considering spending 3-6 months abroad (maybe next year) to reflect on my life and plan my next step. I believe that I need to take myself out of my daily environment to take stock of my life. I’m looking for a calm, safe, walkable, and expat-friendly location where I can work on my project, so it doesn’t need to be full of things to do. I’m not outdoorsy and modern conveniences are important. My budget is flexible- obviously cheaper is better and allows me to stay longer, but I’d be willing to up my budget for the right place. Anything come to mind? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Leah — off the top of my head, the obvious choice is Chiang Mai, Thailand. There’s a reason why so many people go there. And because it’s so cheap, you’d have the money to fly down to other places in Southeast Asia. Just double-check the long-term stay visas; things have been changing lately in Thailand so I’m not sure what the latest long-term situation is.

  2. This is such a clever idea and the designs are amazing.

    It would definitely make everything easier, especially at the airport as you can just keep your passport and boarding pass making it very handy!

  3. Totally love these scarves – after a certain age (or should I say waistline) money belts become less comfortable. Having had my papers lifted out of my daypack, I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative – I think this is IT! Congratulations on the collection!

  4. After reading this post, I ended up buying a Speakeasy scarf for a solo trip in Europe. I used it every day to keep my passport close, and I really appreciated that it was still on my person even if took my coat off or had to put my bag down for some reason. Thanks for the awesome recommendation!

  5. I find these scarfs handy on long plane trips. The pockets are very spacious, and I put in everything I would otherwise be taking in and out of my under-the-seat carryon: headphones, phone, medications, glasses, breathmints, pen, reading material, backup battery, etc. It’s around my neck in one loop with the pouch in my lap, or just next to me. It’s a little too unwieldy to wear: I put most things back in my carryon before deplaning, but it makes being organized in my seat easier. I can get what I need when the tray is down, or tuck the scarf in my bag before going to the WC,

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