Strange Food: Istanbul’s Chicken Pudding

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While in Istanbul, I spent the majority of my time doing two things: eating and walking.  And eating while walking, and walking to restaurants.  Have I mentioned that I enjoy food?

One of the most memorable meals was in a tiny, nondescript restaurant by the Galata Bridge called Kismet Muhallebecisi (Kucukpazar Cad. 68, Eminonu, Istanbul).  Jodi from Legal Nomads had found it in a guide and insisted that we had to try their meals.

In this restaurant, it was all about chicken.

First course: chicken soup.  A delicious comfort food, especially with extra lemon and chili, but not too outlandish.

Second course: a big skillet of chicken giblets!

Yes.  Seriously.

I never would have thought to eat the giblets, but they actually weren’t bad.  They were sliced up and sauteed in lots of butter.  It tasted a bit like dark meat, with the texture of mushrooms.

Like many foods, including haggis, I’ve found the giblets to be delicious as long as you don’t think about what you’re actually eating.

The giblets came with a side of butter-drenched rice.

Third course: chicken pudding!

A chicken dessert?  You bet.

Though this pudding is made from chicken, it doesn’t taste like it at all — it’s more used as a thickening agent, like Jello.

How does it taste?  Like vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg — no trace of chicken whatsoever.  The texture?  Like if you combined pudding and meringue — a thick, stiff pudding.  Delicious and thick.  Don’t try to finish one on your own — it’s a hell of an undertaking!

As far as meals in Turkey go, this one was one of my favorites.  Go check out Kismet when you’re in Istanbul — and make sure you get cinnamon on the chicken pudding!

Click here to read Jodi’s post about our chicken pudding excursion!

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15 thoughts on “Strange Food: Istanbul’s Chicken Pudding”

  1. When I saw “chicken pudding” in the title of this, I thought it sounded disgusting. But reading your description of it actually makes it sound quite tasty! What part(s) of the chicken do they use to make the pudding?

  2. mMmmm.. Now THAT’s my kind of restaurant. Is it weird that I didn’t think chicken pudding sound disgusting like Amanda? haha. Lol maybe I just love all things chicken. Now that I think about it, it does sound kind of gross.

  3. Chicken giblets are actually surprisingly nice. I had them on salad in France and found them kind of like bacon, although I found it hard to get over what I was eating. Chicken pudding sounds interesting!

  4. I’ve never heard of chicken pudding but this sounds like my kind of restaurant. If you’re ever looking for really exotic foods — fired scorpions, etc. — visit Beijing;s night food market sometime. You’ll be amazed at what they sell.

  5. That looks completely delectable. Like most of the rest of the world, I guess, I’ve never heard of chicken pudding, and it’s hard to believe it doesn’t taste like chicken. But I’m confident I’ll be trying it some day.

  6. I’m kinda embarrassed to say that i am turkish and i didn’t know it contained chicken until i was like 11.. and i ate it lot! So it’s safe to say that you cannot taste the chicken at all

  7. It looks weird when you see its name written as chicken pudding. On the other hand, this is a very healthy and delicious dessert. You taste hardly the chicken slice in it. That is a very nice after-meal dessert. Not heavy like baklava or other super-sweet Turkish desserts.

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