Sweet Digs and Artsy Days in Vienna

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Vienna Gardens

Every now and then, I come across a unique hotel or hostel that I love so much, I can’t stop raving about it to everyone I know.

Sometimes they’re places I discover on my own, like Monkey Republic. Sometimes they come highly recommended from friends, like Gallery Hostel. And on occasion, they are places that I receive as a comp.

It was the latter this time around. The team at HostelWorld offered me Vienna accommodation, and because they know my taste so well, they introduced me to a fabulous little quasi-apartment quasi-hostel that I absolutely fell in love with.

Let me introduce you to MyMojoVie.

MyMojoVie, Vienna

MyMojoVie isn’t a traditional hostel — it’s a set of apartments in Vienna turned into a hostel/guesthouse hybrid, in a nice neighborhood between the Westbahnhof and the Innerstadt (the city center). Each apartment is decorated impeccably, and it couldn’t be more inviting. They call them Living Rooms.

MyMojoVie, Vienna

Don’t you want to relax on that couch and leaf through a coffee table book about Vienna? Or play Chinese checkers? Or start an all-percussion band with instruments from around the world?

Yes, this is an area where MyMojoVie excels more than any other place I’ve stayed — the extras. My room even came with a Peruvian pan flute and a head massager!

MyMojoVie, Vienna

Big things like towels and linen, an iron and ironing board, a hairdryer, hangers. Little things like converters, Scotch tape, a stapler — even a tablet! (Not an iPad, but still…)

In addition to that, I had a TV in my room and a really great stereo in the common room. And most importantly, the wifi was lightning-fast and worked everywhere.

They even left me love letters!

MyMojoVie, Vienna

Breakfast was served in the kitchen each morning. Since all the food was out in the apartment, it was technically available all day — and a great spread at that, including fruit.

MyMojoVie, Vienna

As for my room?

MyMojoVie, Vienna

My room, called the Pupa in the Cocoon apartment across the street from our key pickup, was painted white and had extremely comfortable sheets and duvets. Chocolates were left on my pillows every day, and I was welcomed with a breakfast in bed tray and several Vienna guides.

The room was huge — I had room to work at a desk and even dance around a bit.

All that came to a grand total of €28 ($37) per person per night.

MyMojoVie, Vienna

Value? Extremely high. I love that more and more entrepreneurs are realizing that budget lodging doesn’t have to mean crap or boring lodging. This is one of the most interesting places where I’ve ever stayed — and in Vienna, you couldn’t do any better for this price.

There was one drawback. See the picture of the bed and how it was wedged between walls? If you’re tall, it may be difficult to fit comfortably in the bed. Tall people of the world, know that before you book that room.

Mozart Statue, Vienna

In Vienna

Vienna is a grand city — the kind of place that makes you feel cultured and elegant just from walking through down the city streets. The gardens are neatly manicured. The buildings is filled with white scrolls and Roman columns.

And if you like classical music or art, there’s no better city for you in Europe.

Vienna Parliament

I have friends who are crazy about Vienna, and I do like it very much. At the same time, though, I don’t feel like I’ve ever fully connected with the city. It doesn’t have that oomph that other cities have.

But that’s okay. Not every city needs to be a slam dunk for me. I’ve enjoyed Vienna, and that’s what counts!

Here are a few fun things to do in Vienna:

Vienna Tram

Ride the tram! Taking the #1 tram circles the Innerstadt and it’s a great way to take in all the architecture.

Schonnbrun Palace

Visit Schönnbrun Palace and the Gardens! My dear friend Nadine, who you’ve seen in posts from South Africa to Scotland, met up with me and took me on a tour of her hometown. The gardens were a lovely place to wander, and the palace was beautiful. They’re also a UNESCO site.

Coffee and Cake at Cafe Demel

Eat cake! Vienna is world-famous for its cafe culture, and this time I went to one of the best: Demel. What a fabulous slice of black forest cake that was.

Lick the toad!

Check out the Danube! The Danube River isn’t the prettiest place around — but it’s home to some cool toad-licking street art and some riverside “beach” cafes in warmer months.

Museum Square

Hang out in Museumsquartier! I can’t believe I didn’t check this out on my first trip! This is home to Vienna’s museums, but it’s also a great place to meet up and hang out. Nadine took me to a photo booth where we squished in for pics.

Couchsurfers in Vienna

Meet up with the Couchsurfers! They have weekly meetings at a bar, and around 40 people came out in total.  Couchsurfing meetups are a great way to meet cool people.

My three days in Vienna were a bit whirlwind, but fun and low-key. And the next time I return, I know I’ll be staying at MyMojoVie! You should, too. You’ll love it.

Essential Info: MyMojoVie rates start at €24-26 ($32-34) for 5-6 bed dorms. Private rooms with shared bath range from €26-38 ($34-50) per person. Ensuites range from €32-40 ($40-53) per person.

There is a Chinese restaurant around the corner, Kai’s, that serves a lunch buffet Monday to Friday (not a gross Chinese buffet — a delicious one!) for just €6.50 ($8.50).

You can find other hotels in Malta here.

I used World Nomads travel insurance for my trip to Malta. I always recommend getting travel insurance before a trip – it will protect you in case anything goes wrong.

Many thanks to MyMojoVie and HostelWorld for the complimentary three-night stay. Many thanks to Eurail.com for their support of the European leg of the SOTM Tour. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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21 thoughts on “Sweet Digs and Artsy Days in Vienna”

  1. I cannot get over how cheap that room is per night! What an absolute steal.

    So did you find Vienna a bit boring? Or just lacking in that special something?

  2. Glad to read you had so much fun at Vienna! Although some might think it dull, boring or uptight, I think that once you scratch a little bit under its too polished surface you find a vibrant, artsy, really cool city. If you don’t mind going back, I do recommend you to visit it during Xmas time… Its Xmas markets are amazing.

    It is so good reading you 😉

    Best regards

  3. I Love the place!! never been to Vienna, for some reason it gave me the idea of a “cold” city…i was definitely wrong! when/if i’ll be back to my dear Old Europe again i will pay a visit for sure :))

  4. Wow, Vienna seems like such a classy city! And where you stayed is an incredibly good price for how nice the accommodation is, so decorative!

  5. You are right about taking the tram! There is another one, the D tram, it allows you to view the rathaus, parliament, opera,..all the way to the Belvedere!

  6. What a great place to stay. I love quirky accommodation like that. I have ben to Vienna a few years ago and I loved it. Came back with a few more pounds on my hips though due to all the Sacher cake and Wiener Schnitzel. 😉

  7. Hi, Viennese here! The river in your photo isn’t actually the Danube, but rather the Danube channel and it mixes with the Wien (Vienna river) at some point, flowing back into the Danube on the other side of Vienna. We know the Danube channel’s not the most picturesque part of Vienna, but there are lots of bars in the summer and a sprawling nightlife.

    Just to let you know 🙂

    Nice reading, though.


  8. Hi Kate,

    thanks for sharing your story about Vienna, my hometown. I know it takes visitors a while to find that oomph, as you describe it. I actually find it in places such as neighbourhood cafes (Cafe Hummel, Cafe Eiles), street markets such as Karmelitermarkt and also Naschmarkt, and by talking to small shop owners, taxi drivers and waiters. (If you don’t speak German, there are always the Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations). Hope that’s an incentive to re-visit at some point in time!

  9. Mike Stanovsky

    When it comes to taking a transfer to and from Vienna airport I’ve found no better thanhttp://wientransfer.com/

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