The Craziest Piano Bar in Salzburg

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I always go out looking to experience the nightlife wherever I travel, but really, Salzburg was something new entirely.

My friend Ken and I (by the way, if you haven’t yet, check out his site — he’s a brilliant photographer!) found a random bar on the edge of the Old Town called Peter’s.

We walked in to find a bar filled with lots of older gay guys and the people who love them, and were immediately handed two glasses of rose champagne.

What followed is probably best expressed in my Facebook update from the next day:

“Okay, so here’s how last night went down. Ken Kaminesky and I accidentally ended up at a piano bar filled with old gay dudes. They were very welcoming; they gave us champagne; I played Beatles and Elton John songs on the piano; I ACTUALLY GOT EVERYONE TO SING I WANT IT THAT WAY; they started spraying champagne on me; they began throwing champagne glasses everywhere; I left with glass shards in my shoes. The verdict? Old piano gays are crazy.”

It was AWESOME.  Getting behind the piano and playing pop songs while everyone sings along is one of my favorite things to do in any circumstance — and getting to do it in Salzburg was even better!  (At least when the random guy at the end wasn’t hitting random keys, which he gleefully did all night.)

My friend Erica’s response?  “Video or it didn’t happen.”

I don’t have video of the throwing of champagne glasses (seriously, I was picking glass out of my flip-flops for days), nor do I have video of the brief but soaking spray of Moet…

But I have this.

But I learned my lesson: when the piano gays start throwing champagne flutes, IT MIGHT BE TIME TO LEAVE.