The Top 3 Las Vegas Experiences

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Las Vegas has played such a big role in my early twenties.  It’s where my initial travels (and adventures) as an adult began.

But above all, these are the memories that I keep closest:

Dressing Up and Taking a Limo to In & Out Burger

Every time my friends and I go to Las Vegas, we head for In & Out Burger.  This fast food joint only has restaurants in the Western US, so we don’t get to experience it at home.  It was love at first bite, and ever since, we’ve craved those amazing burgers.

Going in a big group meant that we would have to take two cabs, because there was no way we would be walking all the way there.  Then we did a little bit of research and figured out it would cost the same amoung

Feeling like Money at the Palms

The Palms is the celebrity casino resort — at least it was back when we were going.  This is a place that rolls out the red carpet and has lots of cool bars and clubs — like ghostbar, with its futuristic setting, and Moon, with its retractable roof.  Nothing like dancing underneath the stars in Las Vegas!

But for us, it was about how we could see celebrities.  It started when we went for dinner at N9NE Steakhouse and were seated next to Maroon 5.  We recognized Adam Levine, then Googled the band and matched up the rest of the guys.  Yep, we were dining amongst the famous!  We played it cool.

Later on?  A number of celebrities at Rain nightclub — and then we got invited into a private Skybox.

If any Las Vegas Specials point you toward the Palms, take them!  I’d love to actually stay there and hang out at their Friday afternoon pool party.

Private Cabana at Tao Beach

Clubs aren’t just for nighttime — if you’re looking for a daytime party scene, you can’t beat the pool clubs of Las Vegas.  For me and my friends, it was Tao Beach, and we did it up in style.

If you’ve got a big group, spend the money and hire a cabana.  A few years ago, it cost us $500 for the day with a stocked fridge but no alcoholic beverages or $1000 for an open bar.  We went for the former and had a great time, drinking mojitos and doing occasional tequila shots with the bachelor party next door before jumping in the tiny pool and getting thrown around by the cute guys.

Vegas will always be filled with great memories for me.  I can’t wait to get back next year.