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With this week’s #FriFotos theme of trees, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of my favorite tree photos.

It didn’t occur to me until I started that I’ve visited quite a few near-treeless places in the past year! Iceland is mostly treeless, as are the Faroe Islands and parts of northern Scotland and Shetland. Johannesburg, bizarrely, has no indigenous trees whatsoever!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of trees from around the world:

Portugal Trees

I loved these romantic trees in rural Alentejo Province, Portugal.  It reminded me of a driveway to a plantation in the American south!

The most impressive tree roots I’ve ever seen — Ta Prohm temple at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Jacaranda tree, Alexandra

I ADORE this picture and couldn’t resist including it!  A wild jacaranda tree — no, definitely not indigenous — taken in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa.

I love how the trees perfectly suit the icons here in Ubud, Bali.

Istanbul Trees

Early fall really brought the colors out on the birch trees in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mljet Forest

An incredible green-blue saltwater lake is protected by a layer of trees in Mljet, Croatia.

Koh Chang Palm Trees

No matter where in the world, palm trees always make me deliriously happy — like here in Koh Chang, Thailand.

Montseny Forest

The forest in Montseny, Spain, was straight out of Beauty and the Beast.

Grand Palace Through Trees

After seeing pictures of the meticulously manicured trees in front of Bangkok‘s Grand Palace, I knew I had to get a shot of them.  This was my first attempt.

And finally, my magical trip to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, concluded with a walk through a tunnel of tree branches.  It’s as romantic as the city itself.

Which photo is your favorite?

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26 thoughts on “Trees Around the World”

  1. Treeless places…I had never thought about that, but have been to a few of those places myself. Some of the islands on the Galapagos are treeless, and the Bolivian Salt flats are devoid of pretty much everything. Not having trees really adds to the “otherworldly-ness” of a place! Great photos, as per usual.

  2. I love this post!! Palm trees are awesome because they just LOOK like they’re having a good time. I want to take a road trip through Portugal sooo bad and that first picture didn’t help. Have you seen the baobab trees of Madagascar? Those are definitely on my list as well. 🙂

  3. These are some beautiful pictures! Iceland was for me the first place I visited that mostly has no trees. It felt really weird landing in a landscape like that and travelling around for a few days, feeling that something was missing, but not knowing what. It wasn’t until I went walking in Öskjuhlíð in Reykjavík (a park which is full of non-indigenous trees) that I realised there had been almost no tress anywhere else!

  4. Wonderful photos Kate! Were the trees in Alentejo cork trees? My wife and I visited Evora last year, and the gorgeous fields of cork trees were quite memorable.

  5. I think the purple Jacaranda is my favorite, just because it brings back so many memories of Brazil. An arts market in Santa Teresa, visiting friends in Rio das Ostras, purple petals in the streets of Rio. Beautiful!

  6. Hi Kate,

    very beautiful trees!! Of course Johannesburg has got indigenous trees though. They are just not normally planted near streets or in public places as they tend to be thorny, not decorative and the roots are invasive.

    “This doesn’t mean there are no indigenous trees in the city and suburbs. Rather, they are planted in parks and open spaces where their restrictions are not a problem.”


  7. I love this post! Excellent pictures. The way the trees are juxtaposed with their surroundings is very interesting. I especially like the one in Spain. Wherever I find myself nature never ceases to amaze me.

  8. Great pictures! I especially like the jacaranda, and the one showing the scale of the roots at Angkor Wat.

    I must admit, coming from NZ I find it hard to imagine somewhere without trees… I imagine it would be a bit of a shock to the system for me if I ever end up in Iceland!

  9. What park or part of the city is the picture in Istanbul from? There aren’t many trees in Istanbul outside of prominent mosques and the Topkapi Palace!

  10. Great Post! You don’t realize how much you miss trees until you’re in a country without all that many! Here in china there are a few, but I can’t wait to get out to the mountains or beaches again. Baobab trees in Africa are one of my favourites. I loved your picture from Jo’Burg, I have a similar one of those beautiful trees in bloom.


  11. Wonderful! I love trees too, luckily New Zealand is spoiled for choice in that regard. I see from that shot in Montseny that we have competition though, what a beautiful fairy tale scene!

  12. Oh I love love love these. I’m a newcomer here and been sent over as everyone knows I have a bit of a tree fetish.
    You need to have one from the UK. The UK has the most amazing trees 🙂

  13. I visited Ubud in Bali last year and visited the monkey forest. It was the first thing I noticed when I arrived at Bali, how green and beautiful the trees looked. You don’t realize how much you miss trees until you’re in a country without all that many! –

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