Why Go to Liechtenstein?

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So…I ended up in Liechtenstein.

Yes, it’s a country — the sixth smallest country in the world.  Liechtenstein is a mountainous principality sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria.

I have been intrigued by Liechtenstein for quite a long time, and since I knew I would be spending time in not-that-far-away Innsbruck, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to visit!

Upon arrival, I discovered a country that was absolutely beautiful and completely fascinating.

Why go to Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein has a mix of tourists.  Most come for the skiing — while Austria ski holidays and Switzerland ski holidays may get more press, Liechtenstein has a great resort in Malbun, with ideal slopes for intermediate skiers and some easier and harder ones as well.

If tourists aren’t skiing, they’re most likely day-tripping from Switzerland, getting a passport stamp (the Liechtenstein Center sells passport stamps, of which I now have one, for 2 CHF!) and staying firmly within Vaduz.

Well, I was going to stay for a few days to see what this lovely little country had to offer.

All About Liechtenstein

First of all, Liechtenstein is a principality.  The Liechtenstein family has been ruling the country since 1719, though the dynasty stretches back to the 12th century or even beforehand.

The family lives in a castle on a hill — the one thing that you can see throughout the Vaduz area, and it’s the most photographed image in the principality.  (That picture I took was my first image after stepping off the bus — a CASTLE on a HILL!)

Liechtenstein is pronounced “Lee-ECH-ten-shtine” and the capital is pronounced “Va-DOOTS!” (so much fun to say!).  The people are called Liechtensteiners, and only 2/3 of them are native Liechtensteiners.  (Natives are very proud of their ancestry!)

The country shares much with Switzerland and uses the Swiss franc (CHF).

The Best of Liechtenstein

Having a few days in Liechtenstein, I was able to delve far beyond the passport stamp and see more of the country.

I had a wonderful tour with Lisi, my guide from Tourismus Liechtenstein, and she gave me so much insight into Liechtenstein and its people, and showed me some places that most visitors would miss.

I saw some crazy modern art in the Kunstmuseum and tasted wines at the Prince of Liechtenstein’s own vineyard and wine cellar.  I saw Liechtensteiner brides’ favorite place to get married and pinpointed where Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland intersect.  I saw a man-made, fish-free lake and a village on a mountain, bathed in sunlight.  I walked into Switzerland and back.

This country is amazing, and you’ll be hearing about my adventures in detail.

Getting to Liechtenstein

Don’t be put off by the fact that international trains don’t stop in Liechtenstein — visiting is actually quite simple.

Get on one of the many Zurich-Vienna trains.  If coming from Austria, get off at Feldkirch, and if coming from Switzerland, get off at Buchs or Sargans.  There are several buses from each of these cities.  Vaduz Post is the main stop in the capital.

Vaduz and Schaan are the two main cities and you can find lodging at every tier here, including hostels.  The two towns are next to each other and if you’re a walker, you can get by easily.  If not, the bus system is great.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures in Liechtenstein!

My visit to Liechtenstein was sponsored by Tourismus Liechtenstein.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

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  1. in an Amazing Race episode, contestants had to bike the full length of the country and measure it 🙂 I think it was some 26 kms.

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