Friday, May 26th, 2017

Boston Adventure: Riding the #1 Bus

People visiting Boston always ask me about unique experiences — places you wouldn’t find in a guidebook. You will NEVER find this one in a guidebook: riding the #1 bus. The #1 bus stretches along Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge and Boston, from Harvard Square to Roxbury.  And on that bus, you will find some of […]


Chianti I remember those nights on the river Arno where lush trees veiled opal moonlight and soft winds brushed gently like slow, sad notes from a flute. In the city of divine inspiration the demons and angels of the Renaissance curled like wrought iron through the humid air their legacy remaining on cobblestones and in […]

Travel Advice: How to Arrive in Las Vegas

After all our trips to Las Vegas, my friends and I have the arrival down to a science. Here’s how to arrive in Las Vegas in style: PART I: BEFOREHAND If you’re flying to Las Vegas from the East Coast, go to sleep as late as you can.  Sleep late if you can as well, […]

Top 5 Strangest Winter Olympics Venues

I don’t know about you, but I have been SO into the Olympics this year!  I’ve made up for being a total absentee from Athens 2004 and Torino 2006 with being a rabid devotee for the past two games, watching every night. Interesting and innovative venues are often chosen for the Winter Olympics.  Take Salt […]

Photo of the Week: Cancun Sunset

The sun sets on a sweltering August night in Cancun as pirates sail away in the background.

Florence Adventure: Does a hot waiter count as a souvenir?

While I was studying abroad in Florence, my friend Lisa was studying in Rome.  This was perfect, since we got to meet up a few times during the semester! Lisa and I had a blast together when she visited me in Florence.  We went dancing at Maracana, the best Brazilian/hip-hop club in the city.  We […]

Adventure Inspiration Book: The Ridiculous Race

Book: The Ridiculous Race by Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran Setting: Around the world Plot: Twenty-something TV comedy writers and best friends Steve and Vali decide to race around the world…without airplanes.  Departing from Los Angeles in opposite directions, they each travel by cargo ship and Segway, train and camel.  The prize?  The finest bottle […]

Top 5 Celebrity Hangouts in Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is a favorite hangout of celebrities — from A-list actors (Leo!) to reality show trainwrecks (Snooki!) and everything in between. Here are the top five celeb hangouts in Las Vegas: 5) Tao Nightclub. Of all the clubs in Las Vegas, Tao is the one that seems to throw the […]

Photo of the Week: Buenos Aires Street Art

Graffiti lasting a lifetime off Calle Guatemala, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Budapest Adventure: Never Turn Down Wine from a Norwegian!

I was 24 hours into my Budapest adventure, and I felt like the richest woman in town.  I was in the middle of my semester in Florence, Italy, and after a few months in that expensive city, it was a relief to go somewhere where everything was affordable!  My three roommates and travel companions were […]