Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Skellig Michael: Ireland’s Most Striking Destination

I hate to say it, but after nearly four years of near-constant travel, it’s becoming harder and harder for me to be impressed. Of course, I love places and I appreciate them and I enjoy almost every place I visit — but being knocked over in marvel, so impressed I can barely speak? That’s incredibly special and incredibly [...]

Meet My Favorite Cafe in London: Lavish Habit

Every afternoon, without fail, I crave a cup of coffee. Not for the caffeine jolt, though. Coffee is how I punctuate my day. I use it as an excuse to stop what I’m doing and reflect as I enjoy the pleasure of sipping a latte in solitude. It’s become so important to my day that I get antsy [...]

Vintage Valletta: The Least Capital-Like Capital

When you think of capital cities, what comes to mind? Embassies. Bureaucrats. People in suits. Endless meetings. People so protective of their government-oriented careers that they wouldn’t dare rat out an enemy — well, unless they were Frank Underwood. Forget money. Power is the primary currency here. That may be the case in Washington or London or Singapore or Brasilia…but [...]

Dubrovnik Survival Guide

A survival guide? For Dubrovnik?! Is that even necessary? I’m totally serious. Dubrovnik is a fantastic place to visit – a walled, orange-roofed old city perched above the Adriatic, islands in the background. George Bernard Shaw once said, “If you want to see heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik” – and believe me, he was a very well [...]

Why Travel Safety Is Different for Women

A few days ago, my attention was brought to a piece on Buzzfeed called 29 Things Women Avoid Doing Because We Fear For Our Safety. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Go ahead, read it and come back here. In typical Buzzfeed style, the piece was written with the goal of gaining [...]

AK Monthly Recap: June 2014

What a crazy, whirlwind month! After spending the spring in the UK and Ireland, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to have a “real” summer — but then came Croatia with its warmth and sunshine. It was exactly what I needed. Destinations Visited Killarney, Portmagee, Skellig Michael, Dublin, and Newgrange, Ireland Belfast, Portrush, and Antrim, [...]

Don’t Let Croatia Slip Through Your Fingers

Two years ago, I visited Croatia for the first time. I spent two weeks in the country in total, the first week on a road trip from Pula to Split, and I was blown away — first by how madly I fell in love with Croatia, and second, by how it had been the easiest road [...]

Introducing Limerick: Ireland’s City of Culture

“The book made me want to kill myself.” This blunt statement is made by the girl sitting next to me, a travel writer from Bangalore. She’s talking about Angela’s Ashes, the enormously popular memoir by Frank McCourt that takes place here in the city of Limerick, Ireland. “The movie made me want to kill myself!” exclaims our [...]

Flyboarding in Malta, or, The Day I Became Iron Man

It was a perfect spring day in Malta — the sun was shining, the water was bright blue, and the flowers were in bloom. For the visitors who escaped the stormy springtime in their home countries of Britain and Ireland and Sweden, it was a much-needed and glorious dose of springtime. Anyway, that’s how Malta’s visitors saw [...]

Win Two Tickets to Brazil!

The following branded content post is brought to you by LATAM Airlines Group, comprised of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines. When the prize is as good as this, I’m all too happy to promote it to you all! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about Brazil lately. I’ve been watching the World Cup, listening [...]

The UNESCO Hunt: 72-81

   While it’s been more than a year since I made it my goal to visit 101 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, things slowed way down in Asia and North America over the winter. Don’t get me wrong — there are sites in Asia and North America, but it’s not as heavy a concentration as in Europe, [...]

I’m Off to Road Trip Through Croatia!

In the past two decades, Croatia has gone from a war zone to one of the hottest travel destinations in the Mediterranean. It’s absolutely staggering — only South Africa and Rwanda can claim an equally shocking turnaround in tourism. I love Croatia — it’s definitely one of my top 10 favorite countries, and even sneaks into [...]

Why I’m Loyal to Intercontinental

My first job out of college wasn’t a typical one. After weeks of interviews, I was ecstatic to get a job at a marketing firm that had a beautiful office, a great location in Fort Point, Boston, and an interviewer who coyly hinted at their list of celebrity clients. I accepted the job and couldn’t [...]

San Blas Bay: A Hidden Beach in Malta

In a country as tiny as Malta, there aren’t many new places to discover. Every geographic nook and cranny is well-documented — and if any two Maltese meet, I guarantee they will have at least have a few friends in common! But if there is such thing as a secret beach in Malta, it’s San Blas Bay [...]

Contest Alert: Brag Your Way To a Holiday

The following branded content post is brought to you by Three UK. This is a sweet photo-driven contest available to my UK readers, and I hope you enjoy it! One of my continuous annoyances while traveling is trying to stay online. Some hotels still charge insane amounts for internet. Others make you sign in every time you [...]

The Miracle Church of Mosta, Malta

If anywhere on the planet is more Catholic than the Vatican, it’s Malta. From giant paintings of the Virgin Mary hanging in Maltese bedrooms to religious festas with saints carried through the street each summer to incredibly ornate churches thanks to generous donations from parishioners each year, Malta is a place where life revolves around the Catholic [...]

Monthly Recap: Most-of-May 2014

Now that I’m transitioning from SOTM Tour recaps to monthly recaps, this is the one monthly recap that will be a bit wonky — it’s just for three weeks, from May 10 to 31. Destinations Visited Daventry and London, England Limerick, Ireland Favorite Destination Balham, London — I love this neighborhood. South London may not [...]

This Summer: Quirky Festival-Hopping in Europe!

I’m finally able to reveal it to you all — my big summer plans involve festival-hopping all over Europe! Must Love Festivals Must Love Festivals is a campaign highlighting quirky, unusual, lesser-known festivals in Europe. You won’t see us running with bulls, throwing tomatoes, or hitting up the festivals that get all the attention. Instead, you’ll see a [...]

The Best Eats of the American South

To say I was looking forward to Southern food would be an understatement. I literally planned the whole #SouthUSA trip around what I would be eating! Southern food is rooted in so much tradition and has so many geographic influences, from Africa to France to the Caribbean to Ireland, and I was so excited to finally try it [...]

Thoughts on Train Travel in America

I often get asked what other countries have that the U.S. doesn’t. My answer is always the same: a more comprehensive train system. I love trains. From the sleek bullet trains of Japan to the impossibly comfortable cars on Austria’s first-class cars to the ultimate luxury journey on rails, the Blue Train in South Africa, some of my most [...]