Monthly Recap

AK Monthly Recap: March 2023

Kate and Charlie taking a selfie, wearing sunglasses, in front of the Eiffel Tower.

After we climbed down into the cheese stop’s basement, we began introductions. The group was mostly Americans, and mostly younger than us, as expected. “…and we live in Prague,” I finished. “You live in Prague!” exclaimed the cheese guy. “So you live in one of the most popular tourism cities in the world, and you …

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AK Monthly Recap: February 2023

Kate smiling, sitting at an outdoor table, holding up an Aperol spritz in one hand and a bowl full of fried seafood in another.

The month started with a week in Sicily and ended with a brand new, completely unforeseen product launch. Fabulous! Let’s take a look at what made February great. Destinations Visited Highlights Launching Passport to Confident Solo Female Travel was an incredible ride! I’m going to write about this in the “Side Projects Update” section further …

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