Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Istanbul: As Seen By Instagram


Istanbul is an insanely photogenic city — mosques and minarets dotting the landscape, the Bosphorus so much bigger than it looks on a map, the cramped streets filled with meticulously tended buildings, the blood-red Turkish flag waving in the breeze.

So of course I had to get out my iPhone to capture this beauty!  Here are my favorite iPhoned and Instagrammed images from Istanbul:

I got weird looks as I leaned over on the tram to get a view of the sunset over the Galata Bridge.  So worth it — I love this shot.

One of my favorite things about Turkey is the tulip-shaped tea glasses.  There’s no other way to drink tea in Turkey!

The chaotic Grand Bazaar — you will get lost, but that’s part of the fun!

There was a very purple sunset one night in Istanbul — I got a great shot at the Blue Mosque.


Aya Sofya — first a church, then a mosque, now a museum. If there’s any monument you should visit in Istanbul, this is it.

And my favorite shot of the Bosphorus just after a storm, in all of its blue glory.

As I walked through Istanbul, I thought about how much my non-blogger photographer friends would love it.  If you’re a photographer and looking for a new city to visit, I don’t think you could find anywhere more interesting to photograph than Istanbul!


22 Responses to “Istanbul: As Seen By Instagram”
  1. Definitely photogenic! I love the first shot with the mosque and bird silhouettes.

  2. Mike C says:

    That first photograph is epic. I love how you capture the bright orange sky and the outlines of the birds.

  3. Your photos are providing additional motivation – that’s for sure. I hope I can go visit with friends next year. Thanks for your post, Kate!

  4. Monica says:

    Gorgeous photos. That purple sunset is beautiful. I love Instagram but don’t know I should love it or hate it that I now take better pics with my phone than I do with my camera.

  5. Nasstaja says:

    Beautiful pictures! You make me Want to go to Turkey

  6. Absolutely wonderful narrative and photographs. I daily read this blog and if there are no new entries, I keep on reading the previous ones which give new perspective every time I go through them. Well done Kate. And thanks for sharing your talent and travels. Very inspiring.

  7. Love this 🙂 I am currently putting together my photo post on the Aya Sofia. Istanbul is just full of things worthy of being photographed.

  8. Heather says:

    I’ve added it to my list, its funny cause just this last weekend I spent hours at the book store lost in travel books and found myself wishing I could visit Turkey and now as I read your posts I know I have to go!

  9. Larissa says:

    There is something about Istanbul and the iPhone camera. They are a match made in Heaven! When I was there in October I took some of the best photos of my life on my iPhone and actually submitted them to be be published because I got so much good feedback from them. What’s funny is that some of them are very similar to the ones you have posted here. I guess good eyes see alike, too 😉

  10. Best Spa says:

    Wow! Amazing collections…….

  11. Reydan says:

    Kate, the first picture is beautiful!

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