Cool Travel Business Cards: Well Worth the Purchase!

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I recently ordered new business cards from MOO, and I am completely in love.  I can’t wait to break out these travel business cards at conferences.

If you’re a travel blogger, a photographer, or just someone who enjoys traveling and/or has taken a few cool photos, you need to get these cards. Having your own photography on the back of your business cards turns them into something special.

I decided to get business cards featuring some of my best photos from Southeast Asia.  Here’s the front, with some vital info blurred out:

The front isn’t very different from my old business cards, but after agonizing over it, I added the Adventurous Kate Facebook page.

Most travel bloggers I polled said they wouldn’t include Facebook, but I’m proud of my Facebook community. It’s fun, interactive and interesting — and with the traffic that it drives, it deserves its own spot on the card.

All MOO cards are made from top quality card stock, and they allow you to use up to 50 of your own images.  I used 25.

Clockwise from top left: longtail boat in Railay, Thailand; sunset tubing down the Mekong in Don Det, Laos; filming Tourist in Danger in Ao Nang, Thailand; Balinese dancing in Ubud, Bali.

And I had to add a few irreverent ones:

My beloved Angkor Beer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and Sangsom buckets in Bangkok.  You’ve got to admit, those are conversation starters!

But the best part about having cards with your own photography?  People can pick out their favorites!

This weekend, two of my best friends each picked out a card. Beth, a culture maven, chose Hoi An at dusk.  Lisa, an architecture buff, chose Angkor Wat at dawn.

I’m not psychology expert, but I do know that letting people choose an item they like, even if it’s just one of your friend’s business cards, makes the item a little bit more special to them.  And when the person admiring your card is a major player in your industry, it can make all the difference in the world.

Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate for MOO, and if you go through the links on this page, I’ll earn a small commission toward my next purchase.  Actually, if you want to order anything from MOO, let me know — I have a promotional code that can save you quite a bit!

So if you’re thinking of getting some travel business cards, be sure to check out MOO. Build yourself some special cards.

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38 thoughts on “Cool Travel Business Cards: Well Worth the Purchase!”

  1. Those are great, terrrific idea. When I got my Google voice number, they were giving out 500 free “business cards” with that number and your URL.

  2. This is a great reminder, I’ve been meaning to make myself some new business cards. I made some amazing (if I do say so myself!) business cards for my scuba instructor boyfriend, and then I kind of ran out of creativity. Whoops.

  3. It’s funny you publish this now, because I just ordered test business cards last week! If I am happy with the results, I will certainly order a larger quantity using your link (and discount code!).

    I think their designs are amazing and easy to customize, which really is the best of both worlds.

  4. I used to have Moo cards (I switched b/c I needed a lot and they were a bit too pricey) and they never failed to impress. I also really like the 1/3 size ones. I just put my URL on the back and they were way useful for giving out on the road.

  5. Love those cards. Your pictures are gorgeous. A brilliant photographer friend of mine raves constantly about MOO for business cards. He says they’re the only company that can do real justice to a stellar photograph. Being a non-visual writerly dude, they’re a bit visually lush for my own needs, but I’ve got to say, they seem like the perfect printer for this purpose. Really good example of a thoughtful, on-point site tie-in. You always keep it classy, dude.

  6. Love the new cards! I’ve found cards are a great way to keep in touch with people you meet while traveling (and, okay, they work pretty good for self-promoting, too). I’m kind of curious as to why people said they wouldn’t include their Facebook page? I probably wouldn’t include my personal page, but definitely my fanpage. In fact, I really wish I had my fanpage back when I got my cards done, so that it could be included on my current card.

    1. Thanks, Sally! A lot of people said that Facebook isn’t professional — then again, not a lot of travel bloggers do much with their Facebook page besides importing their blog and/or posting the occasional status. YOU do a lot on your fan page, I do a lot on mine, and so do Caz and Craig, and Mike H, and some other travel bloggers…most of them? Nope.

  7. I LOVE my MOO cards. They are by far the best business cards I’ve ever had.

    Which reminds me, I really need to order some new ones… I gave nearly all mine away at TBEX!

  8. I get 200 free Moo cards each year through iStockphoto – I was sceptical about the value of business cards at first, but in practice they’re a great way of showing a people a sample of your work, and nothing says “professional traveler” like a set of business cards with your own iconic images from all over the world…

  9. Kate,
    This is a great idea, I am going to bookmark so I can refer back at a later date. I agree these will be great for my travel fun. But they will also be great for my normal business, I would much rather have any potential customers carry around a picture of my product than just my logo. Out of sight, out of mind. A picture speaks a 1000 words, well you know what I mean. (If you are interested in seeing what I do for a real living)

  10. I started using Moo (mini) cards back in 2007 for my trip around the world, and people always appreciated the ease with which I could give them the info (vs scribbling on paper). One couple even found my card and wrote me like a year after I’d given it to them….it’d fallen to the bottom of their bag and been forgotten that whole time!

    Once I got back home, I upped them to full size to fit more info and bigger photos. They continue to get positive reactions every time I hand them out.

    Definitely worth putting your FB page on there….more people use that then Twitter. 🙂

  11. Those are some great cards! Now its official (well probably has been) adventrouskate is a business? love how its simple on one side with the other being, well more adventurous!

  12. These look amazing! Thanks for the pointer to moo! We’ve been looking at getting some business cards for ourselves for a while now but haven’t yet found one that we like. Moo’s looking good!
    Thanks for sharing!

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