Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Small Towns in Europe That I Love

Let me tell you something: it’s easy to go to Europe and see nothing but cities.  For years, that was my modus operandi — to hit up the major cities and ignore small towns along the way.  It’s the easiest and most convenient option, especially if you’re traveling by train. But in the past year, […]

Sveti Stefan: A Travel Dream Fulfilled

It was several years ago when I first began reading about the Balkans.  I immediately became a Balkans junkie, dreaming of sailing Croatia’s islands, hiking Slovenia’s Julian Alps, partying on Belgrade’s river barges. But the place that captured my imagination the most was a little island off the coast of Montenegro called Sveti Stefan. Look […]

Kotor: Beauty and the Bedbugs

If ever I had to banished to a small town for the rest of my life, never going beyond the city walls, there would be no better place than Kotor, Montenegro. I fell in love hard and fast with this beautiful little town.  Kotor is brimming with things that I love: interesting architecture, an incredible […]

Montenegro: The Most Beautiful Country in Europe

Ah, Montenegro.  I knew I’d love it.  I knew it would be beautiful.  But I had no idea that it would have the kind of beauty to knock me off my feet and render me speechless! The scenery in Montenegro was tantalizing: the Bay of Kotor from every direction, storybook-perfect walled towns, mystical islands, a […]

22 Photos from 22 Days in the Balkans

I AM BACK!  After a 22-day break from the site — my first non-working vacation in years — I’m ready to share my adventures from Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro with all of you. It was SUCH a good trip.  I’ve been yearning to visit this region for years, and the Balkans didn’t disappoint whatsoever.  I’m […]

Surprise!  I’m on Vacation!

As this post publishes, I’m off exploring the wonders of Istria, Croatia, with my lovely British boyfriend, Dave.  Yes, at long last, I’m finally on vacation. Vacation? you might say.  Aren’t you always on vacation? GOD, no.  Ask anyone who has spent time with me, and they will tell you that I never stop working. […]

Travel Plans: Where I’m Going in 2012!

2012 is going to be an amazing year for travel.  I’ve been working on some trips for awhile now, and I’m excited to share the preliminary plans with you! While many of my upcoming trips are in the development stage at the moment and shouldn’t be unveiled just yet, I’m able to share several of […]