Christmas in Paris

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Each time I’ve been to Paris, it’s been during a different time of year.  I’ve experienced rainy April days, the tourist swam and local flight of August, chilly October nights, near-perfection in June, and the freezing temperatures and soldes of January.

On this trip, my sixth, I visited in December — and got to experience Christmas in Paris for the first time.

What can I say about this city?  It was made for Christmas.

I strolled the Champs-Elysees to check out the window displays, but for me, the real surprise was at the end, towards Place de la Concorde.  During December, this is home to a Christmas market!

And this is one of several.  There are markets in Montmartre and Trocadéro (though the latter is one I’d skip), and an excellent one at La Défense that I unfortunately didn’t get to see.

Other places were more understated in their Christmas decor — like Hemingway’s beloved Cafe des Deux Magots in Saint-Germain.

Of all the neighborhoods decked out for Christmas, none did lights better than Montmartre.

Place du Tertre — filled with artists during the day, and lit up beautifully at night.

The Sacre-Coeur, as majestic as always — now with a hot wine vendor underneath!

I love how virtually all Paris cafes have heaters for their outdoor seating — sitting outside is a year-round activity!

And one of my absolute favorite photos of the year — Place du Tertre, lit up for Christmas, every shade of the rainbow represented.

Visiting Paris at Christmas was a most delightful surprise — and I highly recommend a visit during this beautiful time of year.

Which photo is your favorite?

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18 thoughts on “Christmas in Paris”

  1. I love the 2nd to the last photo. the soft glow of the red lights above and how there seems to be 2 groups of people in it–the “serious coffee drinkers” to the left and the “let’s just chill out here” posse to the right!
    i wish i could see Paris in Christmas one day!

  2. I love all the pictures!!! Absolutely beautiful. I have yet to learn the trick of night photography – my night picture always suck!! And I am a long time hobby photographer… I have been lucky enough to be in Paris three times during the Christmas season – the most recent being last year for New Years. I stayed in a airbnb flat in Montmartre – what a great experience!!! (except for the fact it sounded like the upstairs neighbours were bowling all the time!) It really is a magical place at Christmas time…

    Enjoy Edinburgh!!!

  3. Photo 5 gets my vote! Sooo beautiful! Paris is just so photogenic – at any time of year. But you are right, Christmas is a special time in Paris – the lights and decorations are just fabulous.

  4. Hi Kate!

    I’ve been a silent reader for a bit now so I thought I’d come out of the shadows and say hi. Paris at Christmas time is a dream, it looks stunning! I also read you’re in Edinburgh for New Years which is apparently one of the best places to celebrate NYE. Have a blast! Can’t wait for those photos.


  5. Hi Kate! Just want to let you know that I’m a HUGE fan of your blog, it’s fantastic! And also inspiration to me, aspiring travel blogger and world adventurer.

    Christmas in Paris looks so pretty!! In two years, I’m planning on experiencing it, and your wonderful pictures are only making me that much more excited! 🙂

  6. I am curious — where do you like to stay? any nice B&Bs you can recommend? I am going in Dec 2013 as a solo female (in my 40s) and do not know how to begin to find a place to stay. Thanks

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