Montmartre — As Seen by iPhoneography

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When I first visited Paris in 2001, Montmartre was easily my favorite neighborhood.  The artists in Place du Tertre, the tiny cafes, the remnants of the bohemian life, the view of Paris from the top of the city — to me, it was pure magic.

Less than a month later, Moulin Rouge hit theaters — and like many other sixteen-year-old girls at that time, it became my obsession.  Later in the year, Amelie hit theaters.  With both of these Montmartre-centric movies, Montmartre

But this was the first time I came to Montmartre armed with my iPhone.  These pictures were taken with the Pro HDR app and were edited with the PictureShow app.  Each app will set you back $1.99, and they are two apps that I am LOVING lately!

Allow me to present Montmartre — As Seen By iPhoneography!

What I love about Montmartre is that it feels like a village.  Once you get away from the crowded tourist areas, you’ll have the steep, winding streets to yourselves.  This area is mostly residential, with an occasional boulangerie or fruit stand.

Get a shot at the right moment, like I did above, and it looks like it could have been taken 100 years ago.

The Art Deco Metro signs are all over Paris, but I think they look especially good in Montmartre — like this one at the Abbesses stop.

Anchoring Montmartre is the Sacre Coeur church on top of the hill that overlooks the whole city.  You can see it from all over Paris.  It was built so people would be able to look up and see it and know that the Lord would always be there looking after them.

And now for something more colorful and zany, something that could be a set from Moulin Rouge!  I loved the decor of this creperie near the base of the funiculaire.

I used the “zoom” filter for this one, which gives it that dizzying motion that you see throughout Moulin Rouge!

To this day, Montmartre’s Place du Tertre is filled with artists — though far fewer in January than during the summer.

My tip?  If you want your portrait done, walk around, observe the artists, and pay more for a GOOD artist to do it.  The bad artists outnumber the good ones, so if you shell out for a portrait, shell out for quality work.

And finally, the Moulin de la Gallette.  Remember how Amelie worked at the Cafe des Deux Moulins (also a real-life place in Montmartre)?  This is the other Moulin.  The first is the Moulin Rouge, of course!

Would I still name Montmartre as my favorite neighborhood?  I don’t think so.  I do enjoy it, and I think it’s a lovely escape within Paris, but I think I much prefer the Marais and St. Germain these days.

So for me, as well as Paris as a whole, Montmartre is a place for nostalgia — where my sixteen-year-old self ran around, took pictures with cute French waiters, couldn’t say no to a single street vendor, and dreamed of moving to Paris and falling in love.  Nostalgia is a great feeling.

Which picture is your favorite?

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19 thoughts on “Montmartre — As Seen by iPhoneography”

  1. They are all great photos, but I love the one of the little side street–it does look like it could have beeen taken 100 years ago, especially with the frame. This and your post about Paris in the winter are getting me very excited for my trip back there next November 🙂 Any suggestions for fun day trips out of the city?

  2. I’ve always enjoyed Montmartre and have gone back there many times because, as you said, it feels like a small village right in the heart of Paris. I enjoyed all the photos since it showed me Montmartre as I’ve never seen it before.

  3. I love the second Sacre Cour photo…and I’m blown away that all this is done on an iPhone camera. It makes me want to throw my SLR against a brick wall.

  4. Very cool post and some great pictures. I love that you can take good quality pics on your phone– who would have imagined only a few years ago how much the quality would change! Now I need to look for some apps for my android phone…

  5. Ah, Paris. Montmarte. Amelie. These pictures make me want to go back to Paris to eat a croissant with hot chocolate, and pretentiously pretend I am some big deal writer. In reality, I would be drawing rainbows in a book. But it’s all seeming intellectual, n’est-ce pas? I love the one of the subway sign. Have you been to Pere Lachaise Cemetery?

  6. I’ve seen iPhoneography, but haven’t used it yet. I love old photos (I even have an old one at my blog right now). I also have a special connection to Paris since hubby proposed to me below the Sacre Coeur basilica – very romantic :-)))

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