Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Mostar: The Rose That Grows Through Concrete

After seeing the remnants of war all over Sarajevo, I thought I had seen my fill of Bosnian devastation.  Little did I know that Mostar — beautiful, tiny, freshly rebuilt Mostar — would be even worse. Shortly after arriving at Hostel Nina, our next HostelWorld property, Žika welcomes us and tells us we’re just in […]

Life After War: Sarajevo Today

How do you go on after living through hell? This was the question I asked myself again and again as we toured Sarajevo, Bosnia’s capital and a city synonymous with destruction during the 1990s.  Constant bombings; lack of food, water and electricity; and being surrounded by Serbian forces led to a violent isolation. Before arriving, […]

22 Photos from 22 Days in the Balkans

I AM BACK!  After a 22-day break from the site — my first non-working vacation in years — I’m ready to share my adventures from Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro with all of you. It was SUCH a good trip.  I’ve been yearning to visit this region for years, and the Balkans didn’t disappoint whatsoever.  I’m […]

Surprise!  I’m on Vacation!

As this post publishes, I’m off exploring the wonders of Istria, Croatia, with my lovely British boyfriend, Dave.  Yes, at long last, I’m finally on vacation. Vacation? you might say.  Aren’t you always on vacation? GOD, no.  Ask anyone who has spent time with me, and they will tell you that I never stop working. […]