Sunday, June 25th, 2017

What I’ve Learned From 1.5 Years in the UK

In less than a week, Mario and I start our yearlong trip around the world.  It’s time to wind down 1.5 years of living in the UK: one year in Chester and eight months in London. This was never my plan.  I had always imagined the UK as a place that was nice, but cold […]

I’ve been traveling the world for the past 2.5 years — but in that time, I’ve never made it to South America.  In fact, my only jaunt to South America was in 2008 when I had a brief trip to Buenos Aires. That needs to change.  And I know that when I eventually do make […]

The Ultimate South Africa Road Trip Itinerary

I cannot stop raving about my South Africa road trip.  This road trip along the Garden Route and Eastern Cape was, hands down, one of the best trips of my life. A lot of you have written me asking how you can do the same trip.  You absolutely can.  The great thing about this trip […]

Ask Kate: What Do I Do If My Stuff Is Stolen?

Getting things stolen sucks.  But if you’re a traveler, it will most likely happen to you at some point or another.  Here’s what to do if it happens to you. Hi Kate, I just wanted to send you a quick note while I am in London, although the weather is wonderful I have not been […]

Beautiful Tuscany: The Val d’Orcia

A lot of people I know have felt a strange sense of familiarity when visiting the Tuscan countryside for the first time.  Was it from a movie, perhaps?  A friend’s photos? More often than not, you’re probably recognizing Tuscany from iconic Renaissance paintings. The Medici, who ruled Florence during the Renaissance, were among the greatest […]

In one week, Mario and I are leaving to travel around the world for one year.  Right now, we’re focused on Europe: traveling by train from Paris to Vienna, then Malta and Istanbul before we separate for a few weeks. However, by next March, we’ll be road tripping across the United States, from Seattle to […]

12 Moments of Perfection in South Africa

My latest South Africa trip was beyond anything I could have imagined.  As much as I loved my first trip back in October, I didn’t expect to be even more impressed than I was the first time. Forget being impressed — I was blown away.  Staggeringly so.  This trip was so much fun, I actually […]

Ask Kate: I Want An Eat, Pray, Love Trip

This week’s question actually didn’t come in through email — it was asked by a new friend of mine whom I met in New York!  I thought it would be great to elaborate on her question here. “I need to do an Eat, Pray, Love trip.  Where should I go?” Ah, Eat, Pray, Love.  Is […]

Adventure in South Africa Starts NOW!

Greetings from South Africa! I’m very pleased to be back in Cape Town, in South Africa, a country that impresses me to no end! My trip to South Africa last fall was one of the best trips I have ever taken — because South Africa is the kind of country that WOWS you again and […]

Ask Kate: How Do I Get Over Heartbreak While Traveling?

Has heartbreak ever impacted your travels?  This week’s question has an unorthodox answer. Hi Kate, I’ve recently started my around the world trip and had to end my relationship to come out here (my boyfriend was very supportive but we both decided that long term just isn’t for us). However now I’m out here I […]