Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

How to Arrive in Bangkok

The first time I landed in Bangkok back in 2010, I did everything wrong. I was so excited, I didn’t get myself close to the schedule before I arrived. Even though I was arriving close to midnight, I slept on the final flight there. I gave my guesthouse address written in Thai to my driver, but […]

Visiting the Burj al Arab: The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel

I’m not a girl who dreams about hotels. I have some friends who work in the luxury hotel industry and they wax poetic about hotels they dream of visiting someday — hotels with plunge pools overlooking mountains, glass-bottomed overwater bungalows and 50,000 thread count sheets. Me? I get their fascination, but hotels aren’t my thing, […]

The Blue Train: Crossing South Africa in Luxury

Of all overland journeys, I’m not sure anything can top my experience in South Africa: riding from Pretoria to Cape Town on the Blue Train. The Blue Train, you see, is a FANCY TRAIN.  The kind of train that requires men to wear jackets and ties and ladies to don elegant eveningwear.  The kind of […]

The Ultimate Luxury Safari — Ngala Tented Camp

My African safari in Kruger National Park was one of my absolute favorite travel experiences of recent memory.  A safari, in and of itself, is amazing.  But this one went so far beyond my expectations, it left me reeling. What made it beyond amazing?  Staying at the Ngala Tented Camp of &Beyond Safaris, in the […]

Things No One Tells You About the Blue Lagoon

If there’s any one attraction you’re planning to visit in Iceland, it’s very likely the Blue Lagoon. It’s the most popular destination in Iceland — nearly everyone who visits Iceland works a trip to the Blue Lagoon into their itinerary. And being the most popular destination, there are plenty of guides and how-tos for the Blue […]

Sexy Pools Around the World

This week, the #FriFotos theme is pool.  It immediately made me think of the wonderful hotels around the world that really put the effort into building cool pools.  And then there are the CLUBS that put the effort into building cool pools… Here are some of my favorite pools around the world: At the Kempinski […]

Hotel 7 — Paris’s Most Stylish Boutique Hotel

For my latest stay in Paris, I wanted to stay somewhere special — ideally, in a stylish boutique hotel.  When I found the Hotel 7, I not only got my wish — I got to see one of the most stylish hotels I’ve ever seen! The Hotel 7’s rooms alone are works of art — […]

Kicking Back at the Ma’in Hot Springs

Think the Dead Sea is the only spa escape in Jordan?  Think again. Not far from the Dead Sea are the Ma’in hot springs and the Evason Ma’in Resort and Six Senses Spa. This area stays warm year-round because it’s 264 meters below sea level, and it’s covered in beautiful waterfalls. Hot waterfalls, that is! The […]

A Night at the Interalpen Hotel-Tyrol

While attending TBU, I had a lovely surprise.  I won one of the prizes from Austria Tourism — a night at the five-star Interalpen Hotel-Tyrol in Seefeld, Tirol! I brought my friend Pia as my guest and we got the luxury treatment, complete with a tour of the resort and a welcome reception with rose champagne. Our […]

Why Retreats are Great for First-Time Solo Female Travelers

Months ago, I wrote a post on great trips for first-time solo female travelers. I highlighted three kinds of trips: outdoor group adventures, city breaks, and organized trips where you learn a skill — like surfing. Then I found myself enjoying Sayulita, Mexico, on a fitness retreat with Nourish Retreats. It was exactly the kind […]