Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Dear Ladies: This Can Be Your Life, Too.

Every now and then, I receive an email or a Facebook comment from one of my girlfriends that contains the following phrase: “You’re so lucky, Kate.” I appreciate their words, but I disagree wholeheartedly. I’m not lucky at all. I’m in the same boat as all of you — I just made travel a priority […]

Street Food in Vietnam

Street food, as any Southeast Asia traveler knows, is one of the culinary highlights of the region! Street food in Thailand may be the most famous, but Vietnam has many delicious specialties worth trying, from Hanoi to Saigon. Here are some of my favorite dishes, shared by region from north to south: Pho, or noodle […]

Designing AWESOME Custom Clothing in Hoi An

I knew Hoi An was famous for its abundance of custom clothing tailors, but I had no idea just how crazy fashion in Hoi An could get! It started with a girl I met in my dorm in Hanoi.  She was wearing incredible Nike sneakers made out of beautifully patterned Asian satin. “Your shoes are […]

Hoi An — The Prettiest Town in Vietnam

After four months on the road, I’ve learned which kinds of destinations I like the most: gritty cities, hippie beaches, small towns that have yet to be discovered by the masses. I’ve also learned what I don’t like: any place that caters to wealthy, upmarket tourists.  By the time the upmarket tourists arrive, a place […]

Exploring Hue’s Imperial Citadel

Imagine arriving in a new, unfamiliar city at 7:00 in the morning. You were on the sleeper bus for the past twelve hours and slept maybe one hour, tops.  You know you look awful.  All you want is a nap, but the hostel won’t let you check in for a few hours, and it’s cold, […]

One of the Boys? For the First Time, Yes.

I didn’t grow up with brothers or boy cousins.  My birthday parties were as girly as you can imagine, down to the all-female guestlists.  And to this day, my closest friends are straight girls and gay guys and girls.  I love my close straight male friends to pieces, but there aren’t a lot of them. […]

Halong Bay: The Ultimate Party Cruise!

Halong Bay is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. Thousands of giant limestone islands fill the bay, and when it’s misty, it gives off the feeling of a haunted Jurassic Park. I knew I had to visit Halong Bay, and there are plenty of tour operators offering different cruise packages. […]

What Happens When You Get Sick While Traveling?

Every time I come home from a trip to Vegas, I get sick for a few days.  I call it the Vegas Flu. Four days and four nights of partying, little sleep, far too much Red Bull, far too many free tequila shots from groups of handsome guys, and adding a major change in climate? […]

Guest Post: That Time Christine Ate a Spacecake in Amsterdam

This guest post was written by Christine Amorose of C’est Christine. Unlike many young travelers, I was more interested in the colors of the tulip fields than the green of marijuana. I’m not a big partier, so Amsterdam’s red-light district, late-night partying and freedom to smoke marijuana weren’t why I wanted to visit. But Rex and […]

Drinking Snake Blood in Vietnam

Hanoi is well-known for its snake restaurants — restaurants that serve every body part of the snake. If you’re lucky, the snake will be a cobra; if you’re the guest of honor, you’ll be served the heart. I could not imagine a better adventure in Hanoi! Hanoi Backpackers Hostel runs trips to Snake Village most […]