Monday, May 29th, 2017

Ask Kate: How Far Should I Plan Ahead?

This week’s question is about planning.  Just how far should you plan ahead when you travel? Hi Kate! I’ve been thinking of taking some time off my job to backpack across Europe & Asia for several months. I came across your blog while doing some research, and it has been so inspiring! Really confirms that […]

Arriving in Lyon, I only knew three things about the city: that it was the second-largest city in France after Paris (if you include the metro area), that it was France’s culinary capital, and that it was home to an amazing lights festival. Lyon’s Fete des Lumieres was one of the most spectacular things I’ve […]

My Favorite Hostels

Hostels have played such a huge role in my travels and my life — especially party hostels.  If I added up the happiest memories of my travels, hostels would be responsible for quite a few of them.  Most of my closest travel friendships began in hostels as well. At the same time, though, I’m getting […]

Ask Kate: Should I Get An International Phone Plan?

  This week’s question is one that I get asked quite often.  If you bring your phone on your travels, how do you make calls abroad? I was wondering what cell phone and carrier you use? I have a centro and I’m with sprint but have never used my phone outside the USA. I’m going […]

Caldes de Malavella and The Best Sunset of My Life

For my final night in Costa Brava, Spain, I arrived in the inland town of Caldes de Malavella.  This beautiful town ended up being an unexpected highlight of the region. I’d never heard of Caldes de Malavella before my arrival.  The small town is an hour from either Barcelona or the French border and 15 […]

What Are High Value Travel Destinations?

What makes a travel destination a high value destination?  This is something that I’ve been trying to define for the past few years, and I feel like I’ve finally got it: Value is figuring out what is important to you in a destination — the things you want to experience the most, the trade-offs you […]

Ask Kate: Where Do I Go When I Haven’t Been Anywhere?

I usually try to answer general travel questions in Ask Kate and not get too specific to one person, but this particular question was so fitting for first-time solo travelers that I thought it would be a great addition. Hope you enjoy! Hi Kate, My fiance works many holidays and was on midnights for the […]

Winter French Dishes That Will Stick to Your Ribs

In some countries, the best season for eating is the heart of summer, when tomatoes and zucchini pop up in abundance.  For other countries, it’s fall — the time of harvest and the time when all the best new wines come out. For France, however, I think that the best food season is the winter. […]

Surviving Snowstorm Nemo in New York and Boston

I was visiting my sister in New York last week when I got an urgent call from my dad.  “You better not come back on Friday like you planned,” he said.  “We’re getting a snowstorm.  And this is going to be a BIG one.” Big was right.  Soon we would be hit by Storm Nemo, […]

Ask Kate: How Do I Handle My Money While Traveling?

This week’s question is about how to handle money — and are traveler’s checks worth it? I am going to Abu Dhabi for a 10 day trip in the spring — how should I handle my money? Do I need to get travelers checks? Can I use my debit and credit cards instead? The single […]