Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Ask Kate: First Time in Europe

If your friend were visiting Europe for the first time ever, where would you tell him or her to go? Join in and help this reader out! Hey Kate! I’m planning a several months trip for next year and would like to start in Europe. I have never been so I was wondering where you [...]

Ask Kate: Is This Trip a Bad Idea?

What happens when your girlfriends are planning a trip that seems over their heads — and they want you to come along? Hey there Just thought I would see if you could give me any advice on a bit of a situation I have got myself into and what your well travelled opinion would be! [...]

Ask Kate: How Do I Find Cool Hostels (Not Party Hostels)?

Though I used to be all about the party hostels, today I’m all about the cool hostels — ones that aren’t about partying but relaxing, socializing, and having a great time. In this week’s question, I show a reader how to find those hostels. Hi Kate (or Kate community), I was reading your blog post [...]

Ask Kate: Should I Pay Off My Student Loans Before Traveling?

This week’s Ask Kate question is actually the same question from three different readers — because I see it all the time. If you want to travel long-term but are carrying student loans, this question is for you. Reader #1: I am seriously considering quitting my job to travel. My problem is….I have roughly $20,000 [...]

Ask Kate: How Do You Divide Travel Expenses As a Couple?

This question was sent to me and other travel bloggers a few weeks ago.  I was about to post mine when another travel blogger, Audrey of That Backpacker, posted the same question on her blog.  Though I initially didn’t want to publish a question already answered by someone else, after much consideration, I’ve decided to publish [...]

Ask Kate: What’s On Your Makeup Packing List?

This edition of Ask Kate is about how to look good on the road without packing your entire bathroom cabinet. Hi Kate! I have a question for your Ask Kate series: as a woman constantly on the road, how do you maintain some sort of beauty routine? What are your beauty must-haves on the road? [...]

Ask Kate: What Do I Do If My Stuff Is Stolen?

Getting things stolen sucks.  But if you’re a traveler, it will most likely happen to you at some point or another.  Here’s what to do if it happens to you. Hi Kate, I just wanted to send you a quick note while I am in London, although the weather is wonderful I have not been [...]

Ask Kate: I Want An Eat, Pray, Love Trip

This week’s question actually didn’t come in through email — it was asked by a new friend of mine whom I met in New York!  I thought it would be great to elaborate on her question here. “I need to do an Eat, Pray, Love trip.  Where should I go?” Ah, Eat, Pray, Love.  Is [...]

Ask Kate: How Do I Get Over Heartbreak While Traveling?

Has heartbreak ever impacted your travels?  This week’s question has an unorthodox answer. Hi Kate, I’ve recently started my around the world trip and had to end my relationship to come out here (my boyfriend was very supportive but we both decided that long term just isn’t for us). However now I’m out here I [...]

Ask Kate: How Do You Get By Without Speaking English?

When you’re a native English speaker, the world is your oyster.  But what happens when people can’t speak your language? Hi Kate, Seeing that you’ve been to so many places, and obviously don’t know every language how comfortable are you traveling to these places? Do you just learn some of the necessary phrases and words? [...]