Sunday, June 25th, 2017

My Favorite Experiences in Western Australia

What struck me first about Western Australia was just how sparsely populated it was. I would follow our route on Google Maps for hours and think, “Okay, we’re finally getting to a real town now.” And that town would be, essentially, a gas station. You’d think I’d get used to it. But even after ten […]

On the Shores of a Pink Lake in Australia

It doesn’t feel right to “go back to normal” just yet. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. And writing blog posts about pretty places privileged people can visit feels a bit inappropriate at a time when a white supremacist was hired into a top position in the White House and the rights of a great deal of Americans are in […]

My 13 Best Travel Moments of 2013

In a year of travel taking me from Austria to Australia, Boston to Bangkok, Malta to Macedonia, Kyoto to Koh Lanta, the good times have been so good. To commemorate the year, I decided to do a round-up of my best travel moments of 2013. Rest assured, as good as the times rolled, it certainly wasn’t […]

My Favorite New Destinations of 2013

2013 was a fantastic and exciting travel year — probably my most active year of travel yet! This year I visited a record-breaking 22 countries (UK, USA, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, San Marino, Austria, Malta, Turkey, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia — though, […]

Is Australia a Value Destination?

It’s one of the most expensive countries in the world. Is Australia worth the cost? Over my three weeks Down Under, I choked at prices several times. The first time was at a little general store and cafe near Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory when I wanted to buy a cup of coffee. […]

Scenes from Melbourne: The Coolest City on the Planet

My sky-high expectations for Melbourne began when I was in college. It began when my roommate Kelly Anne decided to study abroad in Melbourne. At that point in time, Fairfield University only allowed you to do select study abroad programs that were either their own programs or through their partners, and none of the programs […]

The Glorious Beaches of Sydney, Australia

The following post is brought to you by Hotspot Shield — a product that I use to protect myself while on public wifi networks. To find out more about Hotspot Shield, click here. I’ve heard the comparisons again and again — Sydney is the gorgeous city, but Melbourne is the cool city. Sydney is the […]

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I can pinpoint exactly when and where I first heard about the Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb. It was the second season of The Amazing Race in 2002. I remember that clearly — I was a senior in high school, still coming off the high of my first overseas trip to France the year before, obsessed with […]

Australia’s Northern Territory in Black and White

The Northern Territory is an extreme environment. The climate is harsh; the wildlife is dangerous. The people who have survived here before modern development and technology are truly warriors, because this environment can kill you quickly — whether it’s through heatstroke or dehydration, a snake bite or a croc attack. While looking through my Northern […]

10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Uluru

  Just a rock in the middle of the desert? No way. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is so much more than that. Without a doubt, it was one of my favorite destinations in all of Australia. You probably already know Uluru is smack dab in the middle of Australia and that the desert is scorching […]