AK Monthly Recap: September 2014

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Kate New Ombre Highlights

I am home in Massachusetts and it feels GREAT. After a year and a half of constantly moving, it has been an absolute treat to be based in one place for more than two weeks at a time. So many of my stresses have melted away!

I’ve been spending time with family and friends, both in the Boston area and New York. As much as I love my friends from the weird and freaky world of travel, there’s nothing like hanging out with the people whom you share decades of history, stories and inside jokes. It’s been therapeutic.

But before I got home, the month began in London with a Norwegian adventure. Here’s a look back at the past month.

Naeroyfjord, Norway

Destinations Visited

London, UK

Bergen and Flåm, Norway

New York, New York

Stamford, Fairfield, and Bridgeport, Connecticut

Reading, Lynn, and Boston, Massachusetts

Manhattan as viewed from Brooklyn Heights

Favorite Destinations

New York. I had such a great time, I pretty much decided to move there next year!

Bergen. One of my new favorite European cities — absolutely gorgeous and natural and bright!

Boston. Because I still love my city.

Bryggen, Bergen, Norway


One of my favorite activities this month was going on a midnight street food crawl in Queens. My sister and her boyfriend surprised me with this tour for my birthday, which delved into Latin American food throughout Corona, Queens. The food was fantastic, our guide Jeff was incredibly knowledgeable, and it’s a way to see a different side of New York.

Exploring Norway for the first time was another major highlight. I loved beautiful Bergen, loved cruising through the fjords, nearly fainted at the prices several times, and decided that I MUST come back and visit much more! But as far as introductions go, a short break in Bergen couldn’t have been a better way to get to know this country.

I got a new hairstyle with ombre highlights, courtesy of Robert at Liquid Hair Studios in Boston’s South End. (Ombre highlights are perfect for travelers, as they don’t require the extensive upkeep of regular highlights!) And with the new hair, I got head shots taken by my friend Shannon Sorensen of Dancing Lily Studio. Looking forward to sharing them soon.

And on the business side of things, let’s just say September was a record-smasher.

Newbury Street, Boston


Finally writing and publishing this post, as well as dealing with the aftermath.

I also hosted a Boston meetup, and while it was a lot of fun, it had the smallest turnout of any meetup I’ve ever had! Five people came. And they were all my friends beforehand. It was a really fun night out with them, but I’ve learned my lesson — plan a meetup more than two days in advance!

Baked Eggs, Butternut Squash, Crispy Sage, Feta

Most Popular Posts

Endings, Beginnings, Big Changes and What’s Next — For obvious reasons.

Brooklyn Heights Brownstones

Other Posts

A Magical Journey Through Rauma, Finland — What a beautiful town, and a huge surprise to me.

Sweet Notes in a Warm Finnish Summer — I experience the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival in a perfect summer village.

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View Over Bergen, Norway

News and Announcements

Well, I pretty much covered the personal news in this post.

But there’s a new deal! I love the HotelTonight app (for both iPhone and Android), which gives you huge last-minute discounts off hotels. With the code kmcculley you can get $25 credit toward your first booking. You can now book up to seven days in advance, instead of just the day of!

That’s in additional to $25 off your first stay when you sign up for Airbnb.

Crazy Artsy Cobble Hill Brownstone

Most Popular Photo on Instagram

I was really hoping the photo of the Bryggen in Bergen would be tops, but it was usurped at the last minute by this photo! In Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, an ordinary row of brownstones is interrupted by this crazy rhinestone-covered building. It’s the work of artist Susan Gardner.

For more real-time photo updates from my travels, follow me on Instagram.

Commonwealth Ave Mall, Boston

What I Read This Month

Sadly, I didn’t finish a single book this month. I’m currently working on The Queen of Hearts Part 2: The Wonder by Colleen Oakes, London Eyes by Frances M. Thompson, and My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante.

Pandroseion, Athens

Coming Up in October 2014

This month features a big event — my best friend Beth’s wedding! I couldn’t be happier for her and her wonderful fiancé, Brian. I know some people are ambivalent about weddings, but I LOVE them — and I especially love how they bring old friends together for an epic party. I’ll be performing my second round of bridesmaid duty, this time in Victorian Lilac.

Shortly after the wedding, I’ll be flying back to London and then on to Athens for TBEX Europe. This will be my first time in Greece and I can’t wait! I’ll be spending a full week in Athens, then a few days at the clifftop monasteries of Meteora.

Any suggestions for Athens? Let me know!

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20 thoughts on “AK Monthly Recap: September 2014”

  1. So great that you are enjoying being back in your hometown – I think I was away too long and all my friends had really moved on, it took me literally years to feel as happy as you already sound!

    I haven’t been to Norway since I was nine, and the costs are scaring me a little, but I definitely want to get back – I have these vague memories of Bergen and would like to see if what I remember is actually reality (or close at least – I guess it has changed in the years in between …!)

  2. I love weddings as well! SO much more fun that baby showers. Gorgeous hair, love the rhinestone building, and you should totally stop by Siena on your way to Athens to meet up with me. I mean… it’s totally on the way, right? 😉

  3. I love reading about your adventures Kate….I can’t wait to see what you get up to Greece. I’m currently planning a return to Europe for next year so I’m hoping for some awesome tips. Loving the hair too. Happy Travels.

  4. Congrats Kate!

    It is wonderful to get back to roots, isn’t ?.. Moving to NY would be incredible! I moved here and never looked back.. this is my favorite base to come back to after months on the road. Make sure to check out “sleep no more” show.. I think you’ll like it.. it’s very unique and “out of the box”

    and here’s something for you about Athens – http://mselenalevontraveling.com/2013/05/19/the-unbearable-lightness-of-being-greek-elena-levon-solo-travel-woman-santorini-athens-live-in-athens-stay-in-athens-cheap-hotels-affordable-greece-holiday-rent-apartment-athens-greek-myth-melissionos/

    hope my little story will be useful for you in some way.

    would love to share a brunch together when you’re in the City next ; ) (on me)

    love & light

    Let There Always Be A Road


  5. I just found your blog and after a long while of traveling, I also just spent some time back in Boston! That’s my hometown too, and it’s so crazy how even after seeing so much of the country and the world, nothing hits the spot quite like Boston does 🙂 Safe travels to Greece! That’s on my list too – looks so incredibly gorgeous. Enjoy!

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