Monday, May 29th, 2017

Meet My Favorite Cafe in London: Lavish Habit

Every afternoon, without fail, I crave a cup of coffee. Not for the caffeine jolt, though. Coffee is how I punctuate my day. I use it as an excuse to stop what I’m doing and reflect as I enjoy the pleasure of sipping a latte in solitude. It’s become so important to my day that I get antsy […]

Kicking Back at the Yotel Heathrow

I have always been fascinated by efficient design.  Forget the ostentatious homes and hotels of the world — if you’re able to do an incredible amount in a small amount of space, that is what is going to impress me the most. And the Yotel at Heathrow Airport impressed me greatly. Usually when I fly […]

Breaking Up, Moving On, and Leaving Chester

In most cases, when a popular blogger ends a relationship, he or she can do so discreetly, perhaps without even mentioning it publicly. I can’t do that here.  Dave has been a major presence on this blog for the past year and a half, as I met him in Hanoi, Vietnam; as I moved in […]

World Travel Market 2011: A Smashing Success

I have never been to any event that remotely resembled World Travel Market. Picture this: nearly every country in the world has a stand in a conference building ten times the size of most wedding venues in London.  Some of these stands are design marvels, particularly in the Middle East section.  It takes 10 minutes […]

World Travel Market 2011: Let’s Work Together!

This week, I’ll be appearing at World Travel Market in London, one of the biggest travel industry events of the year.  It’s also the most important year it’s ever been for travel bloggers like myself.  I’ve booked my accommodation in London, I’ve picked out my four “fancy” outfits, and I’m ready to hit the ground […]

Would You Name Your Kid After a Subway Station?

I’m in London and riding the tube from one end of the city to the other with my friend Chris, as we’ve done each day that I’ve been here.  And each time, I find myself drawn into the map of the London Underground, reading the name of each station. And so I ask Chris the […]

Bizarre Photos: UK Edition

While traveling through the UK, I couldn’t resist taking photos of some of the strange things I came across. Here are some of my favorites: …he has an album?  (in Shepherds Bush, London) A vending machine that sells nothing but Red Bull — I think I’m in love!  (in Liverpool) At 15 feet tall, these […]

Camden: London’s Most Colorful Neighborhood

Despite my many trips to London, I had never been to the neighborhood of Camden before.  It was always high on my list, based on the following factors: 1) It was cool (so I had heard).  And 2) Amy Winehouse lived there (RIP). That was enough for me! After arriving in Camden, I was struck […]

Harry Potter Travel in London: Platform 9 3/4

I don’t really geek out over anything, but Harry Potter…if there’s anything over which to geek out, it’s Harry! So when Chris asked me if I had anything I wanted to see in London, from museums to beautiful parks to famous London hotels, I somewhat sheepishly asked, “Can we go to King’s Cross station and […]

Post-Touristic London

I love getting to the point in a city when I don’t feel the need to be a tourist anymore. After more than two weeks in beautiful northwest England with Dave, we bade each other yet another “See you soon” (spoiler alert: six weeks later, he flew to Boston!), and I headed down to London. […]