Thursday, June 29th, 2017

October Travel Plans: Explore the UK!

Since my Germany-Austria-Liechtenstein adventure, I’ve returned to the closest thing I have to a home in Europe: my pretty little northern city of Chester, England. It’s been a welcome break.  I learned the hard way that I planned WAY too much into too short a time period.  I had no idea I would be going […]

Bizarre Photos: UK Edition

While traveling through the UK, I couldn’t resist taking photos of some of the strange things I came across. Here are some of my favorites: …he has an album?  (in Shepherds Bush, London) A vending machine that sells nothing but Red Bull — I think I’m in love!  (in Liverpool) At 15 feet tall, these […]

Camden: London’s Most Colorful Neighborhood

Despite my many trips to London, I had never been to the neighborhood of Camden before.  It was always high on my list, based on the following factors: 1) It was cool (so I had heard).  And 2) Amy Winehouse lived there (RIP). That was enough for me! After arriving in Camden, I was struck […]

Harry Potter Travel in London: Platform 9 3/4

I don’t really geek out over anything, but Harry Potter…if there’s anything over which to geek out, it’s Harry! So when Chris asked me if I had anything I wanted to see in London, from museums to beautiful parks to famous London hotels, I somewhat sheepishly asked, “Can we go to King’s Cross station and […]

Post-Touristic London

I love getting to the point in a city when I don’t feel the need to be a tourist anymore. After more than two weeks in beautiful northwest England with Dave, we bade each other yet another “See you soon” (spoiler alert: six weeks later, he flew to Boston!), and I headed down to London. […]

Congrats, York. You Got Me to Go to Church.

Getting a lapsed Catholic to voluntarily go to church is quite a feat.  So I would like to commend the city of York on getting not one but two twenty-somethings who grew up going to Mass every week but now can’t be bothered, ever, to voluntarily attend a religious service. The things you do for […]

Discovering Lovely York, England

  Yes, northern England has quite a bit to offer — a fact that I realized again and again during my three weeks in the UK.  And if you’re looking for a small, beautiful city with sights to see and a fascinating history, then head to York! York is a perfectly pleasant place to visit […]

Well, Komodo Dragons, We Finally Meet.

I assumed that I would never get to see komodo dragons in real life.  After writing that Komodo Island was one of the five places I would never visit, and then booking a cruise to Komodo Island, only to wreck and wash up onto it in the middle of the night, I thought that we […]

Photo Essay: A Day in North Wales

Prior to this past May, I had been to Wales precisely once — and I hadn’t seen much more than a fire in the ferry terminal and hot Welsh firemen to the rescue. So I knew I had to get back to Wales! Luckily, Chester is located right on the Welsh border.  While many Brits […]

Surprise! British Food Is Actually Quite Good!

In my final days in Asia, my friend Ste, from northern England, wrote out a list for me. Here it is, just as he wrote it: Foods to Eat Whilst in the UK: –steak and kidney PUDDING peas chips and gravy –Full English including BLACK PUDDING and brown sauce –Shepherds/cottage pie –Sunday roast –Daves fajitas […]