Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Paradise in the Plitvice Lakes

Lush waterfalls, verdant greenery, and pools that change from turquoise to teal to aquamarine — the Plitvice Lakes are one of the most famous sights in Croatia.  As soon as Dave and I started planning our Croatia itinerary, we knew we had to visit the Plitvice Lakes — so we decided to fit our visit […]

Road Tripping to Plitivice

As we left lovely Istria behind, we discovered a new Croatia — a Croatia of endless green hills and valleys, a Croatia of perfect Alpine villages nestled against looming mountains.  If Istria was Italian Croatia, this was Austrian Croatia. The ride to the Plitivice Lakes from northeastern Istria’s Hum, the “smallest town in the world,” […]

Next Stop: the Faroe Islands!

As this post publishes, I’m on my way to the most remote place I’ve ever been: the Faroe Islands! How remote is remote? THAT remote.  Between Scotland and Iceland.  I will be flying direct from London Gatwick on Atlantic Airways.  This is the only air route not from Scandinavia; there are also ferries to Iceland […]

Photo Essay: The Beauty of Rovinj

I’ve been effusive in praise for the town of Rovinj in Istria, Croatia.  While I could wax poetic about this special place for days, I’m sure you’d much rather look at the beautiful photos! Here is Rovinj in a nutshell: Entering Rovinj’s Old Town, the streets are suddenly painted in bright pastel colors.  We found […]

Pula: The Perfect Base for Exploring Istria

While all flights to Istria land in Pula, most people skip the city and head straight to the beach resorts.  Not us.  We chose to stay in Pula because we wanted to see as much of Istria as we could, and we thought that basing ourselves in the city made the most sense. We also […]

Istria: The Best Kept Secret in Croatia

One of the unexpected highlights of our three weeks in the Balkans was lovely Istria — the heart-shaped, Italian-flavored peninsula of western Croatia. Dave and I ended up here on a bit of a whim.  We were deciding whether it would be best to fly into Zagreb, Split, or somewhere else entirely — and it was […]

22 Photos from 22 Days in the Balkans

I AM BACK!  After a 22-day break from the site — my first non-working vacation in years — I’m ready to share my adventures from Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro with all of you. It was SUCH a good trip.  I’ve been yearning to visit this region for years, and the Balkans didn’t disappoint whatsoever.  I’m […]

Horseback Riding in Iceland

Do I look like the kind of girl who would strap on a pair of leather boots, muck out a stall, and hop on a stallion, riding around a ranch all day? Not really.  I would wear the boots.  That’s it. But after learning about Icelandic horses, I thought going horseback riding would be a […]

Iceland’s Phallological Museum: For Peen Lovers Only

Wow.  You’re still here.  Thanks for sticking around. After arriving in Reykjavik, I had a few hours to kill before I could check into my room.  And while I had a Reykjavik city pass and access to the city’s most famous landmarks, there was one museum that I wanted to hit up right away: The […]

The “I Could Totally Live Here” List

Throughout the world, I’ve found places that I’ve fallen in love with — perfect beaches, isolated islands, wild and interesting cities of all sizes.  New places are constantly being added to my list of favorite places in the world. But could I live there?  That requires a whole different set of criteria.  In an ideal […]