Photo Essay: The Beauty of Rovinj

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I’ve been effusive in praise for the town of Rovinj in Istria, Croatia.  While I could wax poetic about this special place for days, I’m sure you’d much rather look at the beautiful photos!

Here is Rovinj in a nutshell:

Entering Rovinj’s Old Town, the streets are suddenly painted in bright pastel colors.  We found a nice boutique where we bought several bottles of delicious Istrian olive oil to take home.

The port of Rovinj is filled with boats from all over the world.  I think it’s the port that gives Rovinj its authentic feel — it’s still a quintessential Mediterranean fishing village, even through the explosion of tourism.

There’s the postcard shot, which everyone in Rovinj tries to get…

Postcard-like images of Rovinj are even reprinted on sugar packets!  Not a bad souvenir to take home if you’re watching your pennies.

A lone paddleboarder makes his way across the ocean waves.

There are jewelry stores all over the place in Rovinj, especially on the back streets.  These 300 kuna necklaces cost approximately $50 each.  Good luck bargaining them down.

To get the best view in town, climb the bell tower of the church.  After the climb to the top, this is the reward waiting for you!

Candles lit inside the church — I make sure to light one for my grandmothers in almost every church I go to.

Rovinj was one of the highlights of our trip — and if you make it to Istria, this is the one place, above all, that you should visit.

Which photo is your favorite?

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18 thoughts on “Photo Essay: The Beauty of Rovinj”

  1. OK Kate, you pretty much convinced me to go to Croatia with your previous 22 Days Post (I know all of them weren’t Croatia), but now I’m going to have to ask you to book me a flight there. The first three could easily belong on any postcard for the area, so pretty.

    Erm…pay you back later? Wine is better than money, right? 😉

  2. So beautiful. I also light a candle in every church I visit, for my deceased grandmother. I like to think she’s watching over me while I travel to make sure nothing happens to me. Lighting a candle is the least I can do 😉

  3. I’m starting to realize the more I explore Croatia and read posts about parts of Croatia I didn’t visit – the country is stunning. Orange roofs with a harbour are the traits of Croatia and they are SO entrancing! Great photos – but there is NO way I’ll pay $50 for a necklace!

    1. Oh, not at all! Rovinj, being super-touristy, is one of the worst places to buy things like souvenirs. Hit up untouristy places for those and the prices will probably be half that.

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