Meet Pučišća: The Most Beautiful Village in Croatia

If I had only known that as we sailed into Pučišća on the island of Brač in Croatia, that we would be seeing the single most beautiful village I had ever seen, I would have taken time to savor it.


Pučišca was an all-too-brief stop on our trip between Omiš and Makarska.  It was only the second day of our sail.  We had lucked out, majorly, because the captain was responsible for all navigation decisions and decided that this would be a better place for a swim stop than out in the middle of the ocean.

As we came into, Pučiśća, I admired the scene before me with my jaw scraping the deck — I mean, who wouldn’t?

But at the same time, I assumed that all villages in Croatia would look just like this.  That?  Was not so.  Whatsoever.  As beautiful as Croatian’s seaside villages are, nowhere else in the world looks like Pučišća.  The gleaming white stone indigent to the island that makes this village one of a kind.

To the Kate of Croatia Cruise Day Seven, it brought me to tears.  To the Kate of Croatia Cruise Day Two, it was just an idyllic swim stop.

And so we dropped in for a quick dip…

And a pose…

And a quick chance to find our own version of a National Geographic Shot.

Here’s mine:

Our time in Pučišća was all too fleeting — leaving me wanting more, SO much more, just yearning for the chance to stretch out on that beach, dip into the cool Adriatic, and admire the stone buildings in the distance.

This village was the most incredible scene in all of Croatia…and I had no idea.

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I visited Pučišća as a guest of Busabout’s Croatia One-Way Sail.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

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Wow, the photos are beautiful…though I can only IMAGINE how much more amazing it was in person!!

Jeremy Branham

I have to admit this is pretty awesome. I went to the island of Rab which isn’t that touristy and had some great spots. But for swimming and hanging out, I am not sure if Rab can beat this.


Nice! So tempted to hop across to Croatia from New Zealand next summer. Oh so tempted..

Erica Erickson Forehand

That water looks gorgeous and so refreshing!

Wishing I was there right about now 🙂

A Montrealer Abroad (@amontrealer)

Love your Nat Geo shot! 🙂

Whitney Anderson

Gorgeous!!!! I keep hearing how amazing Croatia is. Will absolutely put this on my list!

Martin Solly

That’s next summer sorted then. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

Chrystal McKay

That is definitely a National Geographic shot to me!! Stunning!!


It does indeed look amazing, Kate! I can’t wait to go back to Croatia someday and travel more!

Scott - Quirky Travel Guy

I love being pleasantly surprised. That might be the best part of the travel experience.

Ava Apollo

That water is soo blue. I’ve heard so many great things about Croatia, I don’t think I can stay away much longer!


Wow, what a beautiful place! I want to go to Croatia!


This is absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to visit on my adventures.


How marvelously wonderful! Thanks for finding this little gem of a village! I’ve wanted to visit Croatia for ages now, but tend to end up going in other directions. Maybe next summer…

– Nomad

Suitcase Stories - Nicole

Im so excited after reading this post because we are planning to go later in the year! After seeing your photos I just want to be there now!


Greetings from Croatian, from Pučišća! Lots hvalana wonderful article about Pucisca. Yes, really, and so it is! Pučišća are known for houses built of white stone. All houses are white. Fascinating. Pucisca are recognized as having one of the largest “International Summer Music School” and the school for stone. Best regards, and visit us!


Missed this place on my Croatian tour, and it looks a bit of a stunner – will try to remember it for next time. Doesn’t look in the same league as Rovinj or Dubrovnik, though 😉

Carol Sorich
Carol Sorich

We have a family home in Pucisca and it is the most gorgeous place that I have seen…the people are great and the food outstanding! There are 4 grogery stores if you prefer to cook…the church is a must see..all our needs are net as we travel over 23 hours to get there….


Hey this blog is fantastic! And so is this village! I live in the east corner of Italy very close to Croatia and I consider myself blessed living so near to this paradise!
My fav place in Croatia so far has been Rabac! Have you been there?
I also write on a travel blog, welcome to peep in 🙂

Angela Blundell

if you ever get chance to re-visit Brac do get in touch. We live in Milna four months of the year and offer free walking tours on the Island. Although we have to agree with you Pucisca is certainly one of the many jewels in Brac’s crown to see the true beauty of what Brac has to offer you need to turn your back on the coast and walk inland to find it’s hidden gems, learn about it’s history, meet the locals, the best way to do this is on foot with a guide who has local knowledge and routes… Read more »