Where Are All the Hvar Celebrities?

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Long before arriving on the island of Hvar, Croatia, I had one thing in mind:


Beyonce and Jay-Z are big fans of Hvar and vacation here each year on their private yacht.  Last summer, Beyonce even found a tree covered with blue ivy — months before Blue Ivy herself arrived.

I’ve mentioned this in passing before — if there’s anything I love more than travel and blogging, it’s celebrities.  I spend large portions of my day engrossed in celebrity gossip.  I don’t do drugs; this is my vice!

So I was especially looking forward to spending time in one of the biggest celebrity hotspots on the Mediterranean.

The big surprise to me?  Hvar wasn’t remotely star-studded.

OMG, IT’S SURI!  SURI!  SURIIIIIIIIIII — oh, wait, it isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong — Hvar Town was absolutely lovely.  It had a nice waterfront, tons of cafes (with wifi!) and lovely streets to explore.

But it didn’t look or feel remotely like the celebrity hotspot that it is.  Take other celebrity yacht destinations: Capri, Portofino, St. Tropez.  These places are filled with Gucci and Pandora boutiques, ostentatious hotels, and exclusive bars and restaurants.

In Hvar, I saw none of the above.

The yachts?  Not so big.  The tourists?  Mostly families.  Even the prices were the same as the rest of the Dalmatian Coast.

So what was the draw?  What separated it from the other Croatian islands?  As nice as Hvar was, its architecture wasn’t as good as Korčula’s, and its natural beauty paled in comparison to Mljet’s.

Our Busabout guide, Adam, suggested we have a contest to see who could photograph the biggest celebrity.

I got this guy:

I have no idea who he is, but he looks a bit Karl Lagerfeld-esque and carries himself like a celebrity.  Dude has to be famous!

So the landscape was pretty desolate — then again, maybe it just wasn’t quite the season yet.  We were there in early June, and high season doesn’t pick up until July and August.

Or maybe the celebs were off vacationing on their private beaches.

Blue Ivy is probably building a sandcastle on this beach as I write this.  OF COURSE she’d be on the other side of the island.  She can sense my fandom from miles away.

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I visited Hvar as a guest of Busabout‘s Croatia One-Way Sail.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

11 thoughts on “Where Are All the Hvar Celebrities?”

  1. Hilarious! I will admit that I am semi-obsessed with sighting celebrities when I travel or have a night out in a touristy city. I always try to get a peek into the VIP cabanas, private nightclub booths or ‘special’ restaurant sections.

    A Blue Ivy sighting in Hvar would have hands down topped my MTVs Rob & Big sighting in Vegas 😉

    1. OMG Annette, Vegas is the BEST for celebrities! We hung out and chatted with Ice-T and Coco…tried to get into Randy Jackson’s birthday party…posed with Sherri Shepherd at Chippendales…then, embarrassingly, at around 4 AM after a night at Tao, we passed a group of guys and my friend Lisa just stopped walking and stared. She knew one of the guys but couldn’t place him — and he grinned at her because he totally knew it. Later, we figured out he was one of the guys from My Boys.

  2. That dude DOES look like Karl Lagerfeld, you’re right! I think I’d completely geek out if I saw Beyonce, I love that woman.

    All the celebrities were clearly holed up in their hotel rooms waiting until you were out of town, Kate. They didn’t want to get paparrazied and their photo wind up on this travel-slash-future-celebrity-gossip site 😉

  3. I remember being surprised to hear that Hvar was a celebrity hotspot – I definitely didn’t see anyone famous even during the height of summer in 2006. I loved the island, but I still can’t quite mesh my memories with the kind of celeb nightlife I saw in LA. That must be the draw, that it doesn’t feel like the kind of place you’d run into a musical power couple, so even the rich and famous can just relax.

  4. I love the deep blue of the ocean in that last photo- breathtaking!

    You should have taken a self-photo and then followed it up with “What? Every travel blogger knows me.”

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