Rocca Maggiore: An Unforgettable View of Assisi

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Most people who visit the town of Assisi, Italy, are on a pilgrimage to the basilica and tomb of St. Francis, pictured above.  While both places are well worth seeing — particularly the Giotto frescoes in the basilica — my favorite part of Assisi was climbing to Rocca Maggiore.

Rocca Maggiore, a medieval fort built in in the twelfth century, sits on a hill far above Assisi.  Considering that Assisi itself is atop a steep hill, you can’t even imagine how far up Rocca Maggiore is!  That said, you won’t need to climb — just walk up the steep streets.

Image: tummait

Entering the fort costs a few Euros.  To get to the tower, you need to walk down this hallway.  It’s barely six feet tall and covered with impossibly narrow windows, just wide enough through which to shoot arrows.

Then you climb one final ladder and step into sunlight.

Your view:

Remember to breathe.  It’s difficult, I know!

There’s no doubt why Umbria is called the Green Heart of Italy.

After climbing down from the tower, sit back and enjoy the landscapes.

Or just storm the castle.

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6 thoughts on “Rocca Maggiore: An Unforgettable View of Assisi”

  1. Storm to castle! That looks great. I love how Europe is filled with all these old castles and forts. Now I just need to get out there. Awesome pics!

  2. ASSISI!

    Oh, this was one of my favorites of all time. What an awesome find that old castle was – and so much fun storming all of Italy with you, Kate!

    I’ve been loving the blog – and had to comment on this – I still remember storming the castle, and so much of the rest of that trip.

    1. Thanks so much, Kel!

      I’m glad you love the blog and don’t mind I included the pic of us storming the castle. Weren’t we were singing “The Sound of Music” at the top of our lungs? 😀

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